Playing With the Developers Stories

I looked for an existing Topic for this, but couldn’t find any. I’ll start off with one thing, I’m not going to put any of the Developers gamer tags or screenshots with their names on them, because I doubt they want a million requests, messages, and what not.

I’ve been playing since release and had never had the pleasure of playing with the Developers, on my team or opposing. Tonight it finally happened and it was a blast. There was 3 of them on my team. I think the opposing team was intimidated, because 2 of them left and then 1 came back.

The highlight for me was when the developer playing Toby was behind his shield and did a taunt. So I ran up to him and taunted at him. We taunted each other back and forth several times in the middle of the battlefield.

I’d love to hear others experiences with them as well. Lets be respectful to them and not post their gamer tags.


Well, it was a while back, but last time I played with a dev, we had one on the opposing team as well. He ended up later on having to turn off his “Gearbox Dev” title because it made him so much of a target. Talked on voice chat, had a great time. He played a mean Orendi.


Unfortunately running with the Gearbox Dev title makes them quite a target for most. No hard feelings Gearbox, it is an unwritten rule that if you recognize someone on the enemy team, you must get to taunt them as much as possible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I played against Jythri and two other devs during the latest Chaos Rumble event. Fun match, though I might have been on a hunt for blood that evening. Also played with the occasional lone dev. They all seem to really like playing Isic.

In more than 1.5k pvp matches - didn’t play with or against them a single time. FeelsBadMan.

Played with Sushin a few times. Played a number of games with and against Roidrage. I like that guy. Drops F-bombs almost as much as I do. Good people that one.

Played with one in Meltdown. Can’t remember the name, but he/she was asking for it when they picked El Dragon.

I played once in Toby Friendship Raid And thankz to him i got 100 ops points fo rthe first time in the operation

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