Playing without PS+ - Questions

Hi everyone! This is my first post on the forums but I was hoping that someone with experience can clarify a few things for me. I have perused the site and looked for the answers to all of my questions but I have a few more.

First, The Situation:

  1. I do not have PS+. I’m not going to get PS+.
  2. My Wife and I play Battleborn splitscreen / couch co-op. We play almost every night lately. We’ve been working on unlocking the 5 DLC chars (the long way… 2 down, 3 to go…)
  3. We play Private Story & Private Versus

Second, What I do Know:

  1. Obviously, you can play the game split-screen without PS+
  2. As I understand, we CANNOT play the Operations DLCs unless we BOTH purchase each of them or BOTH purchase a Season Pass. Which is really kind of terrible and means that unless they put it on sale then unfortunately we will never get to play them.
  3. Versus Private does not grant any Lore in any way. Nor does it count for quests / dailies / titles.

Third, What I Don’t Know:

  1. Is there ANY way for us to unlock some of that PVP-only lore without PS+? Or to complete any of the PVP-only quests/dailies? I know that Bots Battle grants (some) of them but it looks like I would need PS+ to access that.
  2. IF the season pass went on sale to a degree that made it worth it for us each to purchase a copy, would we be able to play the Operations without issue without PS+?

Fourth, Speculative (may not have an answer):

  1. If the game did eventually go F2P, do you think they would drop the requirement to have PS+?

I would absolutely love it if someone with experience could sound off on this. I’ve seen a lot of back and forthing on various parts of the whole thing but I would love to hear from someone who has first-hand knowledge. (Not to diminish everyone else. I’ve been lurking and know that you are all incredibly eagre to help.)

Also, maybe tonight when I get home I will post some of my wife’s BB fanart :slight_smile:

Cheers, loves!

PvP lore must be done in either PvP or bots battles. Private games don’t keep track of that progress but that might change in the far future.

You should be able to play operations in private games without issue if you do get them.

If the game goes F2P than you would most likely still need ps+. That’s not something gearbox controls, that’s all on psn.

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A very VERY small selection of lore challenges (well, one that I know of - Kleese maps challange) can be completed in Story Ops (and private counts for that).

On the fourth thing, a free demo version is in the works (no word on details or launch, but I’m guessing after the final versus mode is out). This is pure speculation on my part, but I doubt lore challenges would be unlocked in such a mode.

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You guys can play PvP and PvE public without PS+. Its how I played the beta and most of the first Month of BB. Nothing has changed, as far as I know.
As for dlc missions, you can buy it with daily quest plat, but its one hell of a grind, and both people do need it. I don’t think PS+ is required for that.

Do you have the first opp from the free giveaway back in october? Then you can test that more severly.

Lastly, the most important thing, have fun. This is one of the few games PvP doesn’t require PS+, so enjoy it.

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@blainebrossart1 Yeah… that’s what I was afraid of. My speculative question about F2P was that the PSN regulations on needing PS+ are not in place on SOME F2P games. So I guess I will keep my fingers crossed.

@VaultHunter101 I’ve completed quite a few lore challenges in story ops. The ones I am stuck at are ‘Kill X# Battleborn with THIS skill’ type of challenges or the (more obvious) ones like ‘Kill Ambra 5 times’ ones. I am aware that the demo or whatever is in the works and that we’re all eagerly awaiting the Battleplan that will tell us more.

@ninjaneb01 Unfortunately, things must have changed since the Beta/Beginning. I verified last night once again and if you try to use PUBLIC VERSUS, even if all you want is BOTS BATTLE then it automatically redirects you tot he PS+ sign up page and if you exit that then it tells you that you need PS+ to use this feature.

I only picked up my PS4 and the game in November of '16 so I don’t have the freebie OP. So no way of testing.

I would actually be okay with the Platinum grind to buy ops. We play every day and are patient so we WOULD eventually get them. Unfortunately all three of our dailies are currently locked at ‘Kill XX battleborn’ or ‘Win X games of Incursion’ and UNLESS SOMEONE KNOWS A WAY AROUND THIS then these cannot be completed without PS+.

Thanks for your help anyways, friends.

So as it stands, unless anybody else is aware of anything then under the current environment it is impossible for me to advance on any of these quests/lores/dailies/challenges.
Shame really… I do love this game.

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If you haven’t already, you should have a 14 day free trial of ps plus, sucks though that you need to Put in your card information for it but you can turn off auto-renew in the account settings.


Thats a shame, since my PS+ was about to expire :frowning:, and I live in Canada, where to get PS+ for a year is 70$.
I guess I am lucky my Birthday’s around the corner then. Just have to read books for a few weeks, but was already going to do that.

I really hope GBX can fix all the server and quest errors. And maybe eventually we can play offline. That will be fantastic.

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Also in Canada and with terrible bandwidth data caps to boot.
That cost and the fact that I’m just not an online gamer anymore is the reason that I have no impetus to buy PS+.
Just not worth it to me for one game, as much as I do adore this game.

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Another Canuck here. I was able to argue my way into unlimited data at a reasonable price. Oddly enough, it turns out that XBL is still the same price for a year, even though the cost of games got marked up significantly with the exchange rate.

And I understand the frustration about not being able to complete the lore without paying major $$$. I wouldn’t be playing anywhere near as much if I had bandwidth charges to worry about.


Yeah, internet is gull-■■■■ here in Canada, and somewhat dissapointing. Not to mention I also have 2 siblings that use the internet more than me, so a yellow/red bar match on BB is a bit Too common for my liking. At least we aren’t in australia though :sunglasses:. But even downloading games is like 2-5 MB/second, and super slow, and a bit worrying if we pass the cut off (150 GB per month. You know, 2-3 PS download games.)

I think if I throw 10-15 extra dollars a month at videotron then I would have unlimited. BUT I don’t use enough to make it worth that money to me. (In addition to the PS+ membership cost).

I learned hyper frugality as a poor student and it never left me…

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