Plays like Destiny 3

Enjoying the game ok so far but it seems more like Destiny than a Borderlands game. Waves of enemies followed by a very tough boss fight. I feel like it’s taking me ages to progress through each map, but then I’m playing at the same level as the mission. Not too happy about this. :confused:

Borderlands did it before Destiny back in 09 so if anything Destiny feels like Borderlands. Borderlands 3 is definitly a bit tougher than previous 2 games though. Go slow and dont try just blasting everything to death.


With Brawl Amara, I find it actually plays a little like Doom 2016. Not in a bad way at all.


BL3 is harder than BL2. Maybe. Try turning off your bad ass rank in BL2 and see how it compares though.

I do think it’s at least a little tougher though in BL3. But in a good way. It makes me have to rethink tactics and gear as I go. Definitely have to play it smarter than I did in BL2. OR at least differently.