Playstation 3 trading?

I am a level 50 Mechromancer on True Vault Hunter Mode, would anybody be willing to trade some weapons? All of my legendary weapons are level 45 or lower.

I have a couple lvl 50 laying around. Add me with message oPROFESSIONALo

I just added you

Sounds good I’ll have the good for you this evening.

What level 45 legendaries do you have? I have quite a collection of level 50 legendaries, uniques and perhaps some etech items as well. Trying to help out a friend that’s right around that level. Unfortunately, mine are mostly gone. Send me a private msg through here with your list and I’ll reply with mine.

It would be much better if you had a list if which weapons you have as of right now and what weapons you are looking for

i can trade i have a couple legendaries if you still want to trade

@PLAYERJLC Can you help power level, and I can trade my norfleet and other Weapons

I don’t play on PS3 anymore sorry buddy.