Playstation Plus?

I played multiplayer online fine last week then went out of town. My internet connection is perfect and now its saying I need a Playstation Plus account to play multiplayer online? I dont have Playstation Plus and never have and it let me play fine last week. Can someone explain this to me? Or should i just wrap this game back up and trade it in for Overwatch? -.-

You’ll need PlayStation Plus to play Overwatch too.

At least one account, on a PS4 system, needs to have PS+ to be able to play online multiplayer. If no accounts exist with PS+ membership, then you should not be able to play online multiplayer. If you were actually able to play online multiplayer, then there might have been a glitch on Sony’s end which has since been corrected. Trading in Battleborn for Overwatch won’t really fix anything, since Overwatch would also require at least one account with PS+ to play online.

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I thought u will not be able to play Multiplayer Online at all without PS+?

In any case, yeap u trade Battleborn for Overwatch you will still need PS+