PlayStation Plus

I was under the impression that Borderlands Handsom Jack Collection did not require it. Is PlayStation Plus now a requirement to have in order to play online with friends? I tried looking up information about this on here and other websites and came up with zero results. So, if someone can answer me It would be greatly appreciated. <3

Isnt ps + required for all online gaming? Is not like he need it to play it off line.

Anyway if you want to help and you got ps+ and he cant afford it, allow him to use your psn account and activate his playstation as primary sistem in your account.

If you dont share your play with your family/multy users it should not be any problem. Other way your family wont be able to play any of your games in that console.

When it comes to the PS4, Playstation Plus is required for all online gaming.

There were still a few online games that did not require it, such as Smite and I thought for sure Borderlands at one time was as well. But thank you guys for the response.

Something i found

Most if not all F2P games DO NOT require PS+.