Playstation SUCKS

SO I download my borderlands 2 on playstation 4 and I redeem my shift points for my new gun roll and keys and guess what,U CANT ACCESS SHIFT FROM THE PLAYSTATION 4,WTF SONY GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER.THIS IS SUCH B.S. PLZ FIX

I’m assuming this is the Handsome Collection edition of BL2, and that you picked it up as the current free title? SHIFT certainly works from PS4 in the fully paid version, and I don’t see any reason why Sony would block that. Are you sure you’re entering the correct information when trying to link your PSN with your SHIFT account? You should be able to link from as well.

Yeah shift works on PS4, sounds like a personal problem

Shift only authenticates via TPS.

It is not on him.

It is a very odd design decision.

I know lots of folks on PS4 who’ve had shift authenticate in Handsome Collection on either game. What’s currently happening may be some side effect of the version/regions Sony is distributing as their ‘free’ game? There were also all kinds of problems for folks wanting to download the 5th DLC as well which appeared to have similar causes.

I can confirm I can not claim on my xbox one for BL2 but I can claim fpr TPS on my xbox one.

I can claim both on my computer without issues.

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I had not tried to claim the BL2 one yet on PS4.

I mean tried again.

That sucks.


My version is the full/paid download version.

I had bought the disc version, but I fell in love with SSD reads on fully digital games.

So I quad-dipped (2 copies on Steam as well).

STILL no VIP guns in either of my games on PSN.

Gearbox responded once, via e-mail, asking if the problem was fixed.

It isn’t.


I THOUGHT that by signing in to PSN on TPS, it would activate.

Evidently I was wrong.

You got ps plus?