Playstyle tips for new Sal player

I’ve tried playing Salvador a few times but I can’t seem to get a handle on him. I’m not too interested in raiding but I’m looking for build ideas and playstyles for mobbing and of course D. Peak. (I don’t have a problem getting “top gear”, but I’m not worried about being in God Mode either like some of these other builds) Can anyone offer me a few tips for staying alive?

I’ve played with Maya and Sniper Zer0 with great success.

Sal 101:

Get a Moxxi gun in your off-hand
Deal enough damage for the Moxxi healing to keep you affloat
Use the best weapon types for DPS, ammo doesn’t matter (So shotguns are probably your best friends here)
Automatic weapons are best, Semi-auto are a waste of good fire rate bonuses.
Yippee kay yay + Last longer + get Some = Gunzerk forever
The best playstyle/philosophy is something like psychoticinyourfacemurderbot: never stop shooting, get in your enemy’s face, show blatant disregard for your own safety. You get your healing from dealing damage…make sure you deal enough.

Maya and sniper Zero are very far from Sal in terms of playstyle, you just have to change your mindset.

Here’s a good “all around” build to get you started:

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Check out the build thread for Sal- lots of good builds there for folks to try out- and if you don’t mind my not too subtle hint (not that I’m blowing my own horn or anything… :sunglasses:)

2 flakkers are better than 1.

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Thanks for the insight, Blut.

On a more serious note, another Sal trick is to put a Jakob’s Sniper in your left hand on boss fights, or even better (when I say even better, I mean several times better) a Ladyfist. Remember you can switch ypur guns at any time in Gunzerk from 1&2 to 1&4, etc, allowing you to switch from healing with Moxxi to critting with the Fist and back during a boss fight.

That’s kind of exploiting a known issue with the game though so using two flakkers is powerful yet doesnt exploit anything but the brokeness of the flakker.

Supposedly the crit-swapping isn’t a glitch. A well-known YouTuber reportedly asked a dev about it and was told it is not a bug. Though the way the YouTuber told it, the question he posed to the Dev was a little vague and I suppose the Dev could have misunderstood.

Just to be clear: “crit swapping” isn’t a thing. There is no glitch here.

There is no swapping of values between each hand or some other glitch of the sort.

The game just adds all your crit bonuses together, be they from skills, class mods or guns. It does that for every character in the game.

Since Salvador can equip 2 weapons, he just has one more opportunity to equip a gun with a crit bonus.

Zero can equip a COM that gives him around 50% crit bonus, has multiple skills that also grant crit bonus and can also equip a gun that adds more crit bonus on top… but no one considers this a glitch.


It’s closer to being a bug than a glitch.

But it’s mainly just an error with the engine since it’s in every game with unreal.

It’s just, ah, more noticeable (That’s the word we’re using here) with Sal since he can put a high crit gun in one hand and a high base damage weapon in the other. But does it go both ways? I always thought of it as a crit “swap” - as in the left hand’s crit is being mashed into the right’s, like gun merging, but that the right handed gun did not affect the left at all, which I would expect to see if the game engine is indeed just adding the values together.


To make it more simple to visualize, think of it as YOU having a crit bonus rather than the guns.

Each gun gives you its crit bonus, and you enjoy the sum total of both whenever appropriate

Gun A gives you 50%
Gun B gives you 25%
Skill X gives you 20%
You have a total of 95%, applicable to any gun you fire

If you add a COM that also gives you a crit bonus, you add it to your total, just like the rest

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Ok. So the reason you always see the Grog on the left and the Harold on the right isn’t for the crit boost from the Grog, like I’d always assumed, it’s just because fire rate/damage/whatever boosts sometimes only apply to the right handed gun. Ok that makes more sense now, thanks for helping me see what’s going on.


That’s right

there are 5-6 different skills that only apply their bonus to the main gun.

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