Playtested? How? Can we get some details?

Apparently content is screened by the QA playtest team. Can we see the supposed builds and weapons used? Also, how did “broken” weapons make it past a QA team? Weapons like Yellowcake are immediately strong on their initial drop even without a perfect roll. There is literally no way for that weapon to have made it past a play test unless it was actually never play tested. Along with that just hopping into the first area of the new Takedown most players immediately recognized a HP problem. Again, if this was “tested” can we see some of the gear and builds used? Maybe the playerbase is somehow wrong. Since this is being patched there should be no problem showcasing the builds used to “test” this game.

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maybe they tested it without applying the hotfix. lol


I’m by no means an expert programmer but I do know a bit about software development. More databases and VBA code and some basic basic coding too. I create test plans that get printed out.
Those plans get given to other people with the instruction to go break things, keeping detailed notes on what they were doing at the time things broke, if it broke at all.
They break it, I fix it, they test it again. That keeps going until they can’t break it then gets put into service.

Something certainly isn’t right with the play test system, that’s for sure.
As to what’s wrong, well it could be any number of things. A number that would take a fair few lines to list.

Some sort of explanation about how the team at Gearbox go about creating and implementing test plans would be nice.
It feels like there isn’t a test plan though? Which means the people doing the testing don’t know what to look out for?


Okay, and I agree that some special circumstances can create bug and stupid thing that weren’t anticipated.

But the game ISN’T play tested, there is way too much crap that occur 100% of the time and still make it to launch


I would guess, that the balance problems have to do with having the completely scalable game with a metric crapton of variables, instead of fixed values and having that weird hotfix server. The balance guy probably fixes a value so it works for the live server and the rest of the team is planning new gear with the old values, which results in being way to much for live server.

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You I like you lol

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The new trailer for the next dlc has them playing with Mayhem off.

Might explain a lot


Dude you made me exhale through my nose a little bit

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They don’t seem to have the ability to do any real testing on weapons or gear, outside of “does it shoot when I pull the trigger and vaguely do what the card says it does.” They are either severely understaffed in their QA department or just incompetent. Seeing the state of the rest of the game I would place my money an a bit of both.