Playthrough 1 Story Route?

Does anyone happen to know of a guide or route players use to get through NVHM on new characters that bypasses the need to do sidequests for experience. I know grinding will be necessary, and I don’t mind doing the sidequests that give out good rewards such as the Law or Lady Fist, but most of the side jobs just don’t feel rewarding or I’d rather not spend the time on them since I want to get out of NVHM rather quickly. Even recommendations for legendary gear at certain points would help too, for example, I tend to farm for a Harold and Fastball when my character is around level 10 and I’m on my way to the dust for the first time. Any input on how to speed this up would be helpful.

Have you tried looking thru this (just scroll to the top)?

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Have a high level join and just face-roll everything? lol

I’m just kidding, but I can’t really think of anything. I do tend to run WEP once or twice to get some exp. and perhaps a nice piece of gear, and I also like to give my low levels an OP8 legendary/pearl to sell so I can buy Items of the Day and upgrade gear that way.

So, sounds like you’ve already played characters through the story, correct? In that case, you probably have enough knowledge of the game, BAR boosts, and hand-me downs to do most story missions under-levelled, which will get you to end-game faster.

My under-levelled run usually involves the following side-quests:

  • Handsome Jack Here (easy money)
  • This Town Ain’t Big Enough + Bad Hair Day (sniper!)
  • Claptrap’s Secret Stash
  • Rock Paper Genocide
  • No Vacancy (gets FT/vendors/Catch-a-ride working)
  • Assassinate the Assassins (chance of uniques/legendaries)
  • In Memoriam (Boll won’t spawn until you do this)
  • Cult Following (gets you Scorch for leg. chance)
    • note that FotFH doesn’t level in NVHM so take it early
  • No Hard feelings (easy blue Torgue)
  • You Are Cordially Invitied (Teapot)
  • Mine all Mine (extra eridium)
    • note that you must pick up and turn this in before installing the power core if you want to use the eridium to buy extra ammo slots for main story “Bright Lights” sequence
  • Doctors Orders
  • Slap Happy (Octo!)
  • Hidden Journals (easy money)
  • Won’t Get Fooled (Law)
  • Rocko’s Modern strife (but not handed in!)
  • Bearer of Bad News (rewards don’t scale in NVHM)
  • Monster Mash (unlocks Spycho)
  • Kill Yourself (eridium)
  • Hungry Like A Skag
  • Uncle Teddy
  • This Just In
    • note that you need to get this from Mordy ASAP if you want the eridium before heading to Heroes Pass. I FT back after checking in at the first Arid Nexus stop (before or just after trying to use the ladder to get up the pipe). If you wait until you’ve completed Data Mining, you’ll be out of luck until after the Warrior.

Note that some of those side quests I would keep for level 50 in TVHM since then the rewards do level up (as long as you didn’t already accept the quest). In that case, I substitute some of the other quests that have weaker rewards eg the ones from Scooter. I don’t recommend power-levelling if it’s a character you’ve never played before, since you need to see what the skills do independent of the higher-level ones.

You’ll notice that I save ALL the Casutic Caverns and Lynchwood quests in NVHM. This is because these areas do rescale as you go through the game, so you can get the goodies (Heartbreaker etc) at higher level. If you need the weapon, take them earlier. Remember, though, that you can also get good shotguns from Splinter Group and Out of Body Experience.

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this, all though these are the only side quests I pick up (at least till end game - all play throughs);

  1. Claptrap’s Secret Stash - to transfer gear as needed
  2. Doctors Orders - I always farm them at least 15 times as I take toons through there

then at the end of NVHM and TVHM, if I’m feeling under leveled by to much, I mainly head into the DLC’s to open them up enough for farming runs

So the fact that some of those saved items are still going to be low level in NVHM doesn’t bother you? Or do you just skip them since you can manage without them until end of TVHM? Incidentally, have you ever managed to get a level 30 Heartbreaker? Tried the other week where I didn’t turn in Data Mining until I was level 30 but, even after beating the Warrior and a save/quit/restart the Heartbreaker mission was still listed as 29 (better than 19 or 22 but still… :broken_heart: )

No, if/when I do complete those side missions, I’ll either transfer them to one of my lower level toons that’s just starting through or give them to someone who needs it

except main mission related rewards, I wait to the End of NVHM, TVHM as I can manage without them

I would have to look, all I know is that I have at least 5 of them, all at different levels, floating around in backpacks of several different toons,

Also of note, most Side missions I don’t complete, I just leave them for friends that want that reward gear or others players that have had missions glitch in their game

Gotta say you don’t really need a guide, because you’ll obviously pick the SQ’s that you want to for decent rewards, and any that are quick for good XP for time spent.

However, one of the fastest ways to get XP is farming mini-bosses on the way. Knuckledragger is your first farm, then Savage Lee gives you tons of XP, and any one else that you can farm quick. Do ‘Clan Wars’ because that’s huge XP albeit takes a bit of time, but then you can farm Hodunk or Zafford VERY quick. Biggest boost is BNK3R when you get that far but obv’ you need a good weapon to get it done quick. King Mong is also great XP (get out of vehicle) if farmed correctly with good loot drops.

That is a nice optional mission list.

Mine all Mine (extra eridium)

note that you must pick up and turn this in before installing the power core if you want to use theeridium to buy extra ammo slots for main story "Bright Lights" sequence

after turning in “A Train to Catch”, but before installing the power core, you can pick up “The Good, the Bad, and the Mordecai” at the Sanctuary Bounty Board and then get early Lyuda’s.

I’ve gotten speed running thru normal mode down to a science now. First thing is to bring the newbie character a couple of times into TVHM Ancient Dragons with my OP8 Zer0. Get ~75 eridium each time for few minutes it takes. Then bring newbie into Sanctuary to buy backback space, maybe a few (pistol) ammo boosts. New character also gets XP to around level 10 from killing the dragons. Drop off my best stuff around that level plus higher level stuff (say up to around 19) so character can upgrade as they go. Now you’re ready to run thru a lot of beginning. Once I’ve sort of caught up. level-wise, I open game to public & run story mode, with upgrades already in backback to switch & make it easier. I’ve got, for instance, Harold’s @ level 18, 25, 30 … (around every 5 levels forward). I check vending machines a lot for decent class mods to add to my lower level collection (earliest legendary – a 22 Leg. Siren one!) Lower level valuable quests rewards: flame of firehawk, lady fist, moxxie’s rubi & heartbreaker, Sheriff’s badge (for all those pistols!)

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