Playthrough 2 - unable to complete Fix'er Upper Mission

Hi folks,
at the beginning of the playthrough 2, i can’t turn in to Zed the mission where i have to buy a shield .
Is there a solution to this glitch ?
Thanks for your answer !!

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GT: ZeKiller007

This is a bug in playthrough 2 I believe. The mission bugs out and won’t let you complete it. The wiki says:

  • There is a known bug in Playthrough 2 where the mission won’t update even when a shield is purchased. To fix it join a new multi-player Playthrough 2 game and have it finished along with everyone else.

I edited out the other part because it’s PC specific.

Nowadays it’s hard to find and join “a new multi-player Playthrough 2 game” :frowning:

Quick question: had you already completed and turned in that quest in Pt. 2?

The reason I ask is that both that and the “Talk to Tannis” objectives (when she’s in the Crimson Fastness) get zombified somehow and end up stuck permanently in your mission list even when they’ve already been completed and turned in. It’s also possible to re-acquire the zombie missions from playing co-op with someone else.

in fact, i can’t turn in this quest in pt 2 :frowning:
i can’t find people starting playthrough 2 right now to join in co-op.
i’ve try with a new player in pt 1 but this didn’t work.

Yeah, unfortunately it does have to be in the same play-through. You could try posting in the 360 on-line play section just in case. I’d help you myself, but my characters are either still in very early Pt.1 or way past that point in Pt.2

I haven’t played the first game in years and not on my current account at all. I may be willing to start a new character, and once I get that far you’d be welcome to join my game in order to complete this (assuming my game doesn’t glitch as well). But with that said, it might not be soon before I am ready to help.

Might want to remove that comment, doing such things on console is against terms of service :stuck_out_tongue:


I`ve know this issue i have it. When i turn this mission in Zed isnt there either on PT.2.