Playthrough all 3

Looking to play through all 3 games of borderlands, 1, then TPS, then 2, add obey_hyper_lance

heeyyyoooo! ELABORATE!!! you gonna start new chars or use existing ones? you gonna do all campaign dlc? do you have a general idea of the timeframe youll most likely play at?

Okay, new characters, have no DLC for BL have all except the Christmas and torgue for BL2 and have all so far for TPS, no idea what time zone but I have big windows in my schedule. (I am capable of getting BL’s major DLCs, as well as getting torgues campaign, but not that short little Christmas crap, Id rather not buy all of this, but can if needed)

sounds like fun count me in dark_hand01

Just started playing the pre squeal on ps3. If anyone wants to play with me add me name: jeffev99