Playthrough changes for Borderlands

Hello travelers! You know what’s fun and somewhat popular, throwing out ideas for future installments like so much detritus! Hence here’s my two cents on how Normal Mode, True Vault Hunter Mode, and Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode could be improved.

  1. Each mode scales alongside the player’s level.

  2. Progress made in one mode is saved onto the others, said progress can also be reset at any time.

  3. You only need to play through one of the modes a single time to reach the first level cap of the game, but you are able to get more xp (and better chances at rare loot) in the harder modes.

Some might say that the way it currently works as of BL2 or the Pre Sequel is fines so why the change? Well I think this way of doing it can solve some of the larger issues with the game. Firstly, burn out. Having to play through the same game twice to get a single character to the maximum level can be a bit of a chore, having to do it again for each level cap increase is what makes level boosting/farming so dang popular - Which is to say nothing of the poor souls that have to do that for every character that they have. We all love this game and are happy to replay it to our hearts content, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t speed things up so we don’t have to replay the bits we’ve long since gotten bored with so we can get the bits that we like. Another plus for this would be that we don’t have to hold off on side quests so we can get the precious max level unique items.

Another big issue that this method can put to rest is balancing. There’s been a trucking fuckload of debate over whether or not BL2 was too hard or the Pre Sequel was too easy and I believe that the main reason there has been disatisfaction in either scenario was because whoever wasn’t happy with the balancing had no alternatives - Those that didn’t like BL2’s method were barred from leveling their characters past a certain point while those that felt the Pre Sequel was too easy were locked out completely. Having three modes that scale to your level from the start can lead to more flexibility for everybody - Those that like an easier experience can stick to normal mode while those that like a challenge can enjoy TVHM/UVHM that can afford to make things just as hard if not harder than before because nobody gets locked out from enjoying the full extent of the game. The only downside I see would be that it’d be impossible to farm/do quests in a playthrough where baddies are several levels below you but given the pros to this system, I’d say that’s a fair trade.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see this method or something similar be implemented, tell me what you think!

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I’d like too see nvhm and tvhm combined on the first play through.

1-50 first play through, enemies and areas scale to you. Once you hit level 50 exp is severely reduced to help prevent over leveling your gear.

Second play through 50-level cap. Everything scales to you again. As hard as uvhm in bl2.

Op levels. So much playability and individual player difficulty selecection. Love a sub par gun? Just use a higher op level version on op0. Boom, player self balancing.

In uvhm, including op levels, every mission is redoable for the price of twenty erridium. Booooom, farmable mission weapons.

Cutting the grind down one play through would be awesome.


Threads like this makes me wish we have a separate subforum for BL3 topics since the BL3 wishlist is cluttered. Just for us fans and players because there is only few news as of today lol

I think that would work for the vast majority of people on these forums who’ve been playing more or less since launch. However, previous posts (and postings elsewhere from Microsoft etc.) suggest that the majority of those who bought and played the game never went further than TVHM. I think MS at one time said that the average is 33% of achievements for any game? I’m sure there are folks who did NVHM and said “That was great! Time for something else!”

As a consequence, if first play-through was 1-50 with more dynamic scaling, I have a hunch you’d actually see far fewer players completing that “NTVHM” play-through. Let’s face it, UVHM (and even more so OP levels) are not for the “average” player.

As things stand right now, I’m quite happy with the NVHM/TVHM/UVHM progression overall. My only gripe is scaling and sources of XP in UVHM. TPS did the scaling better than BL2, but it’s short on new things to do to get to max level. That means you’re pretty much doomed to either mindless power-levelling or a game reset (and therefore playing essential FOUR times to get to level 70).

TPS UVHM scaling with BL2 amounts of content, and I’d be one happy vault hunter!


and also agree with what you say


That’s not a meaningful statistic. Games vary enormously both between and within genres in how they set up achievements. RPGs generally make it fairly straightforward to get most of them, while strategy games will usually be in the 20-30% range after huge amounts of time spent.

Looking at BL2, someone who completed the 23 most common of the 69 achievements for the 33% you cite would have completed WAFTT but not Toil And Trouble (though very plausibly they could have completed the game but missed a few side-quest achievements). The average BL2 player stopped somewhere in Bloodshot Stronghold (Firehawk is 52.7%, Dam Fine Rescue is 47.4%). Pretty odd. :confused: 14.3% of players reached level 50, so about half as many finished TVHM as finished NVHM.

That last sentence does suggest that the number of playthroughs required is a bit of a problem.

So say we all! :thumbsup:

I wouldn’t be so sure. A casual player is often someone who either plays through a game once on regular settings to see the story and complete the game but a casual gamer is also often someone who picks up a (trending) game, plays it for a while and might drop it when the next thing hits the news feed.

Those of us that stick to a (single playerish) game for multiple playthroughs and learn it’s intricacies and secrets are a very small minority of all people who ever pick the games up.


I have absolutely no data to back this up, but I’m willing to bet more than a few players got quite frustrated by the W4R-D3N.

I think they can expand more with what they did with tps, the scaling was quite an improvement over bl2.

BL2 you couldn’t do all the missions without being vastly overpowered in tvhm while tps scaled much better in tvhm even though the same thing occurs periodically.

I think tvhm should scale like uvhm for us casual players that don’t want the challenge uvhm mode brings.

I think a good perk for uvhm mode is better weapons than tvhm, I realize it is already like this but they could make it even better. I think tvhm should not cap like it currently does and should cap at the same level as uvhm.

I also like the dialog perks they did in tps it makes the game a little less repetitive and gives you something to look forward to that’s different from normal mode. I say continue this but offer even more changes. I think adding exclusive missions to modes would also break up the monotony.

Having several lines that happen randomly at certain points would keep it fresh even for repeated UVHM resets.

No normal would be normal, TVHM would have some changes like TPS does and UVHM starts doing random lines to keep it fresh. It would take quite some planning for all those lines and I’m not sure if the VA costs would become problematic like that but it would be cool.

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