If you are going to shut down the game forever, let us have fun with full access to EVERYTHING for free! Let us enjoy all the skins and taunts that we were never able to buy. Let us open all the gear packs(Legendary also) for free so we can build our dream builds. Let us add loadouts and bank pages for free. More boosts, sir? JUST LET US ENJOY OUR FINAL MOMENTS WITH THE GAME!

(If it can’t be completely free, at least make it 1 coin/platinum each.)


Come on, let us have this!

It would be nice if they did this. Marvel Heroes did something similar after it was announced it was shutting down.

Maybe they’ll do it when they remove Platinum in a couple of weeks, but I doubt it.

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Sadly the games hosts and stores probably around 90% of all data server side. When we download the game it’s a licences and a connection to access the servers, updates are basicly compatability updates.

This means they would basically need to redo all the games net framework, create a client version of the game that can run offline, make that reasonable size for players to download, then pay distributors licensing fees to host the download.
That is months and months of work on something that is generating negative revenue at this point. It’s sad but the game was never made so it could facilitate pear to pear networking due to the game literally being streamed to your console like Playstation now, World of Warcraft or Stadia.

Huh? This topic isn’t about having the game run offline. Maybe you meant to post in another topic? This topic is just about them making all the taunts, boosts, skins, and loot packs free for the last 10 months of the game.

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Yeah thats what he just typed, its takes a lot of work to do that, so if they do, thats literally the devs going out of their way and it just takes a full team to do that. I am willing to assist Gearbox/2k with Battleborn, so DEVS, please allow me to assist, no charge.

I ask you to help spread the word for Battleborn, thanks brother

It would be nice to complete my borderlands skins collection