Please add a drop location for all Crew challenge rewards

Whilst I am not specifically upset about the new skillpoints, I have to be honest in that it frustrates me, because I cannot get certain items to max level. Most notably a number of items that are only obtained as rewards for crew challenges, like the Bekah, the Scoville and Ember’s Purge.
The same thing also goes for quest rewards, although they can at least be received once per playthrough rather than once per character.
Again, I don’t mind having to re-farm my stuff but I’d like to be able to get it again.

The Bekah specifically is one weapon I’d like to be able to farm for, not only because it is really good, but it’s also the only base game crew challenge reward that cannot drop anywhere whilst the Lyuda and the Babymaker both can world drop and have a designated drop location.


Please gearbox, give us a better way to get these guns at max level. The bekah is a huge part of my load out for both flak and Zane. I don’t want to reset my characters every time we get a new level cap, and just hope that I get the proper anoint.