Please add a few more options for controller settings

I think this easily has the best controller support out of any version of Duke Nukem 3D!

Thing that could make it even better is adding some of the settings that are available for pc in the keyboard section as extra options.
There is only 1 extra button left, but you can compromise. For example if you want to access your favorite weapon by push of a button, you could do that instead of switching the “true 3d rendering” on and off. Or do a 180 quick turn!

Default settings could be the way they are. But having these extra options couldn’t hurt anyone. They already exist on the pc version. Now they only need to be able to access on the controller and the especially console versions.

I personally think 180 quick turn(“Turn Around” in the keyboard options) makes fps games like these so much better.
Because there are a lot of situations where an enemy surprises from behind and you might die before you can even turn and shoot back.
And if you keep the aim sensitivity too high, it’s going to be harder to shoot switches, and other things that auto-aim won’t help you with.

Either way I’m very happy to finally have a version of this game, that has a controller support this great!