PLEASE add a guardian rank for barrel immunity!

Title. Pls pls pls, add a new guardian rank skill for immunity to barrel explosion damage. Dots are fine, but getting one shot by an environmental explosion sucks!

I’ve never created a thread before, but I really need to get this idea out there. I’ve been messing around with a lot of nova/splash related builds lately, like the nova burner, Moze’s terror nova, or just different types of grenades (some of the purples are actually really cool btw), but it feels like everywhere I go, there’s barrels all over the place punishing me for trying an aoe type of build.

It’s especially horrible with Moze because, as far as I can tell, Torgue Cross Promotion makes the barrels explode bigger too, so they can kill you from practically across the room! I mean, self damage on her is a massive problem in general, especially with the mind sweeper com, but the barrels are actually ridiculous and incredibly anti-fun. I’m just walking around, minding my own business with a terror nova facepuncher, enemies are exploding left and right, and then BAM, a barrel blows up 27 miles away and one shots me. Not cool dude. Especially when all the enemies are already dead and I have no chance of getting back up.

I get that it’s like an environmental hazard, so you have to pay more attention to your surroundings, but when you’re trying splash based builds, it’s practically impossible to avoid getting downed by the damn barrels. Adding immunity to the damage of their explosions would help a lot with build diversity and fun factor imo, and I can’t imagine it would be too OP or anything. Making it a guardian rank thing means it’s entirely optional and toggleable for all those masochists out there.

In summary, barrels are a mild inconvenience at best, and a massive momentum/fun killer at worst. So, I repeat, please add a guardian rank perk for barrel immunity. Thanks for reading, I’d love to hear if anyone else agrees or thinks it’s a good idea!

PS–it’s even more important now with the announcement of the fourth skill trees because both Flak and Amara have new novas to play around with. Don’t let the barrels punish us for investing in these skills!


I would change that to all self dmg, not only barrels. Maybe with the next update we will receive more than one new row for Guardian Perks.

BTW, here is a guide about the barrels, check it out.


I find this funny somehow. But I agree with you. Moze is everyone’s enemy including herself.

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Nah, what would be better is some splash resistance/immunity. Especially for Moze. She really is her own worst enemy. I roll with a double downer shield with my splash Moze for this very reason. I know I’m going to kill myself.

My fingers are crossed that we get something like this in her 4th skill tree. We will find out on Thursday.

Edit: oh, go check out that barrel analysis. The barrel damage can get really stupid. Especially since it gets FitSD damage.

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Second this!

Oh wow, that’s awesome - Moze just turned the galaxy into her personal minefield.

I understand how it is frustrating but I feel it’s part of the challenge of the game. I you do a build that does massive splash damage you need to keep an eye out for barrels and shoot them before you get to close. Barrels can be a chink in the armour for a certain build/playstyle but that’s the point. There needs to be a challenge for every build because if it was perfect you’d stop playing pretty quickly.

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Please no, Guardian Rank already is way too strong. I hate how they ruined FFYL and action skill cool down bonuses because of how strong Guardian rank perks are.


Hell no! My coop buddy and I are having way woo much fun constantly trying to down each other with barrels!

But you know that every single perk can be turned off?

Selfdamage != damage. Your friend could still kill you but you should not being able to get down from barrels which explode because you reloaded your Beacon… IB does millions of damage and even with his huge life pool he can take only one of his shots. I believe this is a good idea. I’m also a moze main and know the struggle.

please remove all guardian ranks

especially hallow point overkill and topped off

thanks GBX

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Yeah, that’d be really nice, but I figured just the barrels is more realistic to hope for. Also, thanks for sharing that thread, really interesting stuff. Points out how broken barrels can be. Maybe if they removed all those funky interactions, particularly with radius, it wouldn’t be as big of a deal.

That’s totally fair. Having an aoe build that deletes everything in a big radius without even looking at them is pretty overpowered and deserves to be balanced somehow. I guess my main gripe is that one-shot barrels are a relatively un-fun way of having that balance. Like I said, dots are okay, but a giant insta kill explosion’s kinda lame.

Lol, yeah. I hear ya, they are pretty ridiculous. But they also add some much needed variety to the way the characters work because a lot of interesting interactions and synergies are reliant on them. Broken and OP, of course, but still adds an extra layer of flavor and fun imo. No real reason to delete or hinder them if they’re entirely optional and toggleable :grin:

Heck, you could think of them like cheat codes in the games of yore; just an extra thing you can choose to activate to have more fun the way you want. Also, I kinda doubt barrel immunity is anywhere close to as strong as hollow point or topped off.

I will say, guardian ranks do make the game much more difficult to effectively balance in general, but that’s a whole other issue that involves a lot more than just a couple overpowered perks.

Thanks for the feedback y’all!