Please add a quick and easy report option after a versus match

Title says it all, how can the game i love ever grow when some versus matches are such bad experiences.

The game i just played had a Shayne and a Pendle’s in a group who decided to spend the whole game stealthily past them to their sentry. We fought 5v3 all game and by the time we had lost are second sentry they had taken 17 health off the enemy first sentry while.

Now i don’t know if there new to the game, just very bad players or trolling, but this isn’t even the worst. Players leaving because they don’t like the map / game mode so it’s an uneven, and in fun game from the first minute, people leaving because their hero got banned or picked before them. People leaving after giving away first blood etc etc the list goes on.

Most games have this already, and for punishment they should have to complete 10 full games against bots, rising if they keep getting reported.

So many good players have left due to these issues, whether it’s your team or the enemies, winning easily is as bad as losing because of these issues and currently nothing stops anyone from doing it.

What if we all did it? Oh rath ran in 5v1 at level 1 gave them first blood and left, so I’ll leave to, maybe more will leave frustrating the enemy team.

I’m so annoyed as this game has huge potential but is unable to keep current players satisfied let alone attract waves of new players.

Also a ranked system or matchmaking rating would help, more even games where you will lose rating if you leave the game or trolling your team.

Please discuss guys, let’s make this game fulfill its huge potential!!!

Peas and loving :slight_smile:

What would you like to see different from the reporting options that already exist?

What happens when a player is reported? What options are there, Just cheating, offensive language and going idle?

What happens if it doesn’t fit into these? Can i get a report saying that action has been taken against xxxxxx player that i reported?

I want a report function that actually does something.

Okay, so you’re asking for more reporting options and asking to receive some sort of message saying your report has been received and has been acknowledged/handled? I’m just trying to understand. :slight_smile:

Yes i would like to know what happens after i report a player.

If they constantly run in 5v1, or ignore team play completely i want to report them for this.

I want them to be sent to bots battles for x amount of games so they can practise the basics before being allowed into versus matches again.

I fear reporting someone basically does nothing.

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I was trying to find the last dev post I saw on reporting, but I can’t seem to locate it at the moment. If I remember correctly, it was basically that there’s been a slow build-up with taking action on reporting and they’re now really getting into it and handing out bans and whatnot.

I don’t know about notifying people that reporting has been taken into account though. Maybe someone else around here can find the post or recall what it said better than I.

Thanks for the info I’ll look into the Dev report see if i can find it.

I really don’t want people banned if it’s avoidable we need more players not less! I just want the game to be as good as it could be i love it!

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I lost, therefore they must have cheated!

Haha nobody mentioned cheating?

I was talking about people trolling and going afk, but thanks for you’re input.

Maybe net time read the thread before spouting useless nonsense…

I read the whole thread.

I always do.

Honestly, aside from people rage leaving (which I hate, but isn’t something that should even be reportable because people DO get legit DC’d or have real world stuff to do unexpectedly), nothing you mentioned in your original post is actually report worthy.

All the stuff you mentioned was either skilled players doing crazy or dangerous or unexpected or “cheap” tactics that seem frightening to less skilled / experienced players, or perhaps having bad sportsmanship, which unfortunately happens in competitive online settings.

None of these are report worthy…

@FlamesForAll please try to avoid non-constructive posts.

@Biza_LOL please keep your “advice” to yourself and let the moderators handle conduct.

Continuing on :slight_smile:

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Solid advice.

P.s. I added a constructive post.

I saw. Thank you.

Flames it was a Shayne going 0 14 2 spending the whole game stealthing to the enemy sentry, no idea how to play the game and working against the team.

He isn’t cheating, going idle or being offensive so how can i report him?

Maybe if people had to play 3-5 bot battles to learn the game rules before going online it would stop this issue, or maybe at level 111 i could get a group of people above level 3 in my team.

I love making btw, i win too many games without even trying it’s nice to try and win a game you’re losing, while it’s 5v5 anyway.

Im sorry but you are literally just talking about reporting people for being good and knowing how to use their characters.

He was 0 14 and causes us to lose, how is he good? I’m intrigued as to your reasoning…

Ah, apologies.

Thought you meant an Aurox on the other team went 14 kills 0 deaths AGAINST you.

Well, how about instead of solely caring about winning and getting mad at inexperienced people on your team, you realize that people need time to learn and practice and send him some messages with tips telling him or her how to play Shaurox more effectively?

Reporting does absolutely nothing. Other than getting the satisfaction

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