Please add a sound to the game when a match is formed and goes to character select

I spend the time waiting for a match al tabbed out in a browser or something other than staring at the screen waiting for the slots to fill, but there’s no notification letting me know that we are passed that point ad on character select, so unless I am listening very closely for people selecting their characters, there’s a chance i will miss character select.

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IDK about computers but on PS4, there are sounds that play from when I start matchmaking to selecting a map and from there another warning sound for when it is time to select a character and once more when the match is about to start.

There is a tiny sound on PC but it would be nice to have something absurd we can hear from the next room.
As I’ve said I need my Tea, why not make a cup of Genmaicha while waiting?

I think there is a sound on PC; I don’t think I’ve ever heard it, though. It could stand to be more attention grabbing; maybe higher frequency, like an alarm or a notification?