Please add blocking features, especially for melee-weaponed characters

ok so I’ve been playing the game for 30 minutes now. 2 public story missions. i know it short but still fun. i’m enjoying the game. but as far as i can see, there’s no function to block AI’s attack (shots, melee, etc). i noticed that you can refill armor and HP with drone flying by your side, but that’s not enough. drones are destroy-able and in dire situation we need to block, at least to regain our health, so then we don’t need to run and seek nearest cover because sometimes it doesn’t work. please add blocking feature and assign it as default function for all characters.

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Doing that takes away the uniqueness of the characters that do have a actual block (Isic, Boldur, and Galilea)

You have to think of the Story missions much like Borderlands, where you really only had your shield to cover you. Just in the case of Miko and Thorn, and really any of the Eldrid faction (Except Boldur) they don’t have a shield (Boldur has a literal shield).

I’ve been playing since the beta started, and I still get in over my head at times against enemies in Story mode lol.

The thing with the story missions is they scale to the number of people in them, so you have a 5-player group in public match, there will be ALOT of enemies, as compared to you playing a private match solo.

Boldur and Gallilea are already melee characters with block. ISIC is a ranged character with block. Personally I think that’s an adequate number, this isn’t Dark Souls :yum:

@VSlash @Ryballs see? i didn’t know if there are actually characters with actual block function. thanks for that. and i reckon that you need to unlock Isic, boldur and galilea right?

Isic can be unlocked by completing the Algorithm, Gali(My personl favorite) at Level 12 or by killing 800 minions. Boldur escapes me, but I’m sure someone will clarify. ^^

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thanks a lot mate. i’ll play through nevertheless though.

Boldur was around…rank 26 or 28 I think.

You can check what rank characters unlock at, and their ‘challenge’ by going to your Commander screen and just putting the cursor over them, it will be at the bottom right of the screen.

How to unlock: Boldur

Rank Unlock: Command Rank 26
Challenge Unlock: Complete “The Experiment”

Keep moving around. Some enemies have a hard time turning around.
Try using the environment as your shield.
Destroy boxes for Health restore pickups.
If needed pick up Health/Shield/Damage Reduction boosts in your Gearbox
Use the default melee attack (Circle on PS4, B on Xbox) this pushes enemies away from you.
Maybe pick the drone that slows enemies