Please add character tabs to the Bank!

So four Vault Hunters all with various play styles, around 170 legendary items to collect, and only 50 bank slots for all your characters?

I’m fairly confused as to why each character does not have an individual bank they can deposit in to. You then add character tabs for your other characters and make it so you can only withdraw from other banks so it can be used as a twink box. Lastly make it so each character needs to upgrade their own bank and bang boom you have meaningful character progression and you solve the storage crisis on Sanctuary XD.

I really hope this gets fixed soon. I love collecting COMs to try out new gimmicky builds but they take up all my bank storage so I get stuck selling tons of possibly good loot I could find a use for later.

We are Vault Horders! Please let us Horde!!! XD

I have 6 characters that were made solely for storage slots

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I feel like this is what most of us did in BL2 aswell. Honestly our room weapon displays are supposed to be deceptive but I’m using them as storage right now which is silly but necessary while I work on builds and as I collect more legendary items.