Please add option to start at 30

please in the future option to start new character at level 30 or when i complete the campaign i can start vhm with different character i don’t want to play the main story over and over from very start you already did that when the fight for the sanctuary released for borderlands 2


They did that after BL2 had been out for 6.5 years. BL3 has been out a 1.5 months. Calm down.


wow yes i said in the future and if ts can’t be in the game at least in the next one

Why? Pexing is kind of fun, you start to discover the character (It’s like like RPG where you have endlessly grind mob by pressing the same three buttons for hours) and there is only 4 character.

heck why not go all the way and start at 50?


leave some thing for progress

no when the game have multiple ending and different dialog and ending yes can be fun but not in this game i want play vhm because in the future there will be specific loot to that mode but i don’t want to start from 1 to finish and then start again with vhm

then don’t?


I dont really care about starting at 30 (you can level from 1-50 in 2 hours or less), but they should really let us start in TVHM on subsequent characters once it has been cleared at least once.

NVHM is painfully easy. There is no good reason to make people go through it multiple times.

I have comlpleted TVHM twice on FL4K and Amara. I would really like to do it for Mose and Zane, but that means I have to play the story on normal 2 more times, which at this point, I have no intention of doing.

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ok so you level but why you can’t even start mayhem mod so you have to finish the story

yub they should let us start vhm mode with other character when we finish the campaign once

I think that’s a console glitch. On PC, you can adjust Mayhem mode in NVHM once the story is complete and in TVHM once you get to sanctuary (which takes about 90 minutes if you hustle).

On my Amara playthrough, I set it to Mayhem 3 when I finished normal, and it stayed in Mayhem 3 for my entire TVHM playthrough.

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I don’t get why you don’t want to just enjoy playing the game?!? It’s barely been out five minutes!


hmm okay i but 100h into the game between fl4k and zane and it’s just in 2 month and i can’t see mayself stop playing the game it’s just more save for the time when you have option to start with different character at level 30

This, with the level scaling co-op introduced in the game there should be no reason to not just start at a higher difficulty if it’s there.

In the past enemies in TVHM started at lvl 30, but now I should just be able to s start there.

one would assume they would have learned from BL2. Theres no need to wait a few years for this to take hold. I agree its a little early for this feature but boy…I d welcome it.

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Yes, it is a bug on consoles and will be fixed.

Already was fixed.

100% would love to see that, I just don’t have the time or effort to level again and again and again

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