Please, add stash tabs to the storage bank and/or a search feature

Browsing through 500 different items and trying to find that one gun you stored is very annoying.

It would really help if the bank had like 10 stash tabs, with each tab ebign able to store 50 items, or if it had some sort of filter/search feature, so that you could easily find the item you’re looking for.


Damn I was JUST about to suggest this. :sweat_smile:

I was gonna suggest an advanced filter setting that lets you filter between rarity, manufacturer, and gear type. So if you wanted to find a specific legendary Hyperion shotgun, you’d filter out everything but legendary hyperion shotguns.

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scrolling for hundred item is already a pain

been suggested many times…

many topics with lists of stuff to be added…

what did we get? a broken unplayable game for a month and still buggy as hell afterwards…

and also… what are you expecting when they sort your inventory in alpabetical order (and give each damn friggin gun you find an other prefix that makes it even harder to compare basicly the same damn items)



Gearbox, PUH-LEAZE!!!