Please add the downed player alarm/sound from BL2, and an icon above their head

It’s pretty frustrating trying to find where your downed teammate is in the middle of combat, with no indication of where they are or that they were even downed. Why did you guys remove the downed player alarm?


They have made it a little easier to revive, but this. Hard to revive if you don’t know they are down to begin with.


100% agree with this. They’ve been promising to make co-op revives easier, recently, but this would just be the best QoL improvement I can think of, regarding revives.
I need to know immediately when my team-mate goes into FFYL and I need to know where they are. Especially if they don’t have a microphone of any way to let me know, themselves.

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They did improve it with one of the last patches. The revive box is bigger and multiple people can join in on the revive to speed it up.

Thinking more on this, I’m not certain that an alarm sound would really help with how much is going on at any given time. Maybe increase the on screen indicator size or makes it more noticable somehow.

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This reminds me of an experience I had with my best friends when we fought against Killavolt. The moment the fight was over I unexpectedly went down. I was waiting for one of my friends to revive me.

They were standing right next to me, calmly inspecting their loot. One of them even stepped over me while I was slowly bleeding out… Just before the timer ran out, I shouted at them “Could you please revive me???” But it was already too late. He only replied: “Was there something?” while I respawned and rushed back to the boss room full of anger.

That has traumatised me deeply :grin:

Yes, we need a better indicator.