Please add this one thing GB....I said please

Can we get the GOOSE to grab our legendaries and drag them away while we fight lol? Melee the goose to have it drop it lol? April 1 is coming lol :joy::joy::joy::ok_hand::blush:


Call me crazy but I think every loot game should have a pet or companion like in torchlight that you can send to town with a cool down and it’ll sell your stuff and pick up ammo / pots / mats for you.

Obviously it would need to work a little differently in this game, but a little claptrap or Hyperion bot that could sell our stuff would be cool. I know we have vending machines but it would just be a nice little thing to have … after they fix everything not working correctly of course.

I can just imagine a little friend bot picking up eridium and cash for you, or even opening chests and you can program it to pick up certain loot. Then when your backpack is full you can mark what to sell, what ammo to pick up or something and it’ll go to a vending machine / sanctuary to take care of it while you continue blowing β– β– β– β–  up.

A man can dream.


I meant more of a troublesome goose that would drag stuff off cliffs lol

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Untitled horrible suggestion.


No sense of humor

I want a loot goose. I support this request.