Please address Pvp glitch

Can you please address the having 2 of the same player on a team glitch. It’s really annoying going against 2 of the same char.

What do you play on? Never saw that in 40+ hours of play.


That’s weird. Which characters were the same ?

It’s usually Oscar Mike but recently I was marqius and I think a miko also

Oscar Mike duos is from people who haven’t completed prologue game auto assigns him (from my understanding) but in my 150 hours so far I have yet to see it. I’m on ps4

That doesn’t explain the miko and marqius duos, or is it the same reason

Don’t know anything about the marquis or miko, could be the same reason tho not sure

If you don’t pick a character, you get assigned a random one, this can result in duplicates. Not really an issue.

Are u sure? Bc when character gets picked a green check is on that character so wouldn’t the computer skip over those and pick a character that hadn’t been chosen yet

The random character can be duplicates, this was seen in beta. And since computers are really bad at random things, it is Oscar Mike more often than not.