Please address the flood of visual effects in this game

I’ve said it in the past and coming back after a couple of months break I stand by what I said. You guys went way overboard on visual effects. Flooding the screen to the point of not being able to see anything but the visual effects is VERY annoying. It hurts my eyes. Hopping into Iron Bear, rocket launcher, elemental effects, grenades all cause a horrendous flood of visual effects right in your face but the most unfortunate thing is it is all made horribly worse by playing with friends. I’m not angry, i’m just disappointed because I find myself getting more frustrated than actually having fun. I’ll only be coming back for the story DLC sadly.


Totally agree with you here, there`s been occasions where I have had to stop play because of seeing flashing lights in the corner of my eyes leading to headaches and nausea. So please Gearbox tone this down a bit…Please!!


A setting for it in the options on all platforms would probably be a better idea than wholesale killing it for everyone. I’m sure some like all the sound and fury.


as a zane player it is nothing short of eye destroying. Barrier +stormfront or hex =bleeding eyes in an hour. i just can not play for long periods of time with my fav setup due t ovisual pollution.


This. One man’s meat is another man’s poison, and all that.

The constant calls for changes from people is getting a little wearisome, tbh. And I feel for GBX: they’re in a no-win situation for the most part.

People call for nerfs to weapons, and others complain when nerfs happen. People want more drops, then complain when the drops aren’t the “right” kind. People complained when Legendary drops were too infrequent in BL2 and now complain that Legendaries aren’t exclusive enough. There are even complaints about being given a choice for TVHM after GBX listened to people’s dissatisfaction with having to run multiple playthroughs in previous games. You just know if GBX reduce the visuals that there will be some calling for lawsuits as the 4K TV they bought just for Borderlands 3 is now a complete waste of money etc. Whatever they do, they will upset someone.


A fix that would please everyone is to have an option to tone it down in the graphics setting.


One of the most common complaints since day one, and for good reason.
I’m also trying to get back in the game after a lengthy pause and although I can notice some slight improvements it’s nowhere near enough.
The effects in themselves are fine, but the production team went way overboard and turned the screen into a messy blur of particle, bloom, splash and Bog knows what else.

As Zane and Moze it’s a pastel fever dream after something illegal, not to mention it makes basic gameplay elements like target prioritization sheer guesswork.
With an AI that’s set to refresh spawns - frequently in flanking positions - we’re going to get pummeled pretty much non-stop with impact and/or DOT procs and the visual pollution gets immensely annoying after a while.
When it’s at its worst I may as well try to zoom my game and look at the HUD alone since that’s the only place where I can hope to see anything relevant.

We need more control over the effects in the visual settings and we’ve needed it since release.


If they reduce the onscreen mayhem I’ll be very disappointed… The word is “hectic” and people just want to play a clear vision shooter and Borderlands isn’t that sort of game. If you can’t see, move.

This topic close to enrages me. People must deal with diversity mid combat.

The reasons from this sort of post lead me to believe players have messed up their approach, been blinded, can’t deal with it and now come to make a good game look plain as shyt.

Sometimes this forum infuriates me, the requests are borderline ridiculous.

“Reduce graphics so I can hit my target.”
“Graphics give me a headache”

Well… Find another shooter to play. Please go and find another more bland shooter and leave the greatness here alone. I hope GB read this topic and flipped the bird at their screen as a hard “that will never happen lol”

Yeah well this is the game and this is what you must deal with to hit your target, it is part of the gameplay - vision impairment is a mechanic not just something you can cut out of BL3

Unacceptable as it gives the player with less onscreen effects an advantage over players who want the authentic experience… Much along the lines of Rockstar’s prohibition of mods in GTA online “Any change in lighting effects could potentially reduce glare and give players an advantage over others.”

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Previous BL games were somewhat more restrained visually (look, Pandora in BL1 is basically a brown garbage dump) while maintaining reasonably high level of craziness and I suspect this contributes to unfavorable comparisons here.

BL3 goes a bit overboard in eye candy department (menu design is another example) and pays the price, at least performance wise, and perhaps by overloading player’s senses as well.


Wait, this is a competitive PVP game now? If so, let’s make sure everyone has the same graphic cards (and guns, while we are at it) first and then worry about visual effects.

I’m also shocked to discover that GBX had the temerity to let players already customize about a dozen or so control/video/audio options in the menu. Think about all advantages it provides to some! :wink:

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I noticed it happens when you are suffering from a status effect with Moze, if Im on fire when i hop in IB it creates blazing inferno storm all over my screen lmao :joy:


If you can’t see - move. The topic is over your head if you think moving solves the issue (I never stop moving by the way).

Killing things during vision impairment isn’t the issue. This game is not hard, it isn’t meant to be. It is meant to be a fun loot and shoot. There is no get good argument because this isn’t about good or bad.

I am not proposing outright removing special effects, the game will not look bland with bloom and other effects toned down to ease the flood on the screen.

Advantage/disadvantage in a PvE. I now know you are NOT serious and are just arguing for the sake of arguing.


This^ It’s like it gets concentrated inside IB. Fortunately it doesn’t take too long to dissipate and, if there’s continuing blockage (I guess status effects on IB obscure IB’s camera?) homing rockets usually take care of that for me.

On a more general note, GBX did dial down the duration and intensity of the visual components in one of the updates. This was in response to the situation when you had multiple CoV hitting you with Maliwan weapons and rockets so that you literally could not see anything - the screen often looked like someone had just used green or yellow with the bucket tool in MS Paint.

Personally, I would like the visual status fx to have a bit more opacity - show me I’m hit, but let me see through it still. But that’s more because visual fatigue is a reality of ageing, and there are a LOT of us over the 50 mark playing this game.

Also a gentle reminder to one and all to not direct negative remarks at other users.


Less opacity. More transparency.


Ah yes, correct. Still under-caffeinated here…

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Yeah that visual fix was much appreciated, Ive had corrosive AND fire at the same time. luckily I use IB primarily as auto bear.

Also I hope I didnt say anything negative :astonished:

edit yeah nevermind I see whomst your referring too

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I like the fighting style of my Gamma Burst Fl4k. What I don’t like is being unable to see the enemies because my skag is glowing, huge, blocking the view to the world. The visual effects are overwhelming at times.

I can feel that update at work in the shaft. It is good to know GBX are addressing the issue. I hope they continue to pop out fixes.

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I totally agree here. I love the game but I’m getting headaches quite often when playing it for more than an hour. Noelle said in some of the patch notes that they’re working on this and I hope they find a good solution for every kind of player soon.

I thought these forums are about discussing the game and criticising it in a constructive manner and not about “shut up and leave if you’re of a different opinion than me”.


Just move is not the answer. This screenshot is a status effect and nothing more I’m not shooting or being shot just have corrosion effect on me in Iron Bear.

I can’t see it being good for a game when it’s giving people eye-strain and headaches. People want to play and if they can’t because it causes things like that then it’s a real issue.

How bout instead we all keep playing and buying DLC’s and letting GBX know how our player experience could be improved, you know like they requested we do.

Advantage? This is single-player/co-op not a competitive game.

Yeah that’s an online pvp game so you know, completely different situation sort of like how Rust made nights dark and removed gamma exploits to remove pvp advantages. This is not a pvp or competitive game in the least.