Please address the flood of visual effects in this game

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Visibility in combat is terrible. It’s been discussed a lot. Seriously doubt they are going to make major graphical changes at this point, but it would be nice. I generally can’t see what I’m shooting at. Throw an ice mirv grenade and all you see is white (just one small example)… the effects are too saturated, one solid color… cannot see anything past them.

What platform/resolution/mode are you using? I mean, I’m not disagreeing with you, but some combos are worse than others (Apparently turning HDR off makes a huge difference; I’m still on a 1080p screen though, so that doesn’t help me)

I don’t know what to attribute it to, but enemies are indeed less visible in BL3. Not sure whether it’s due to color palette, design, some fancy graphical effects, more and better cover, or what not, but they are hard to locate compared to BL1/2/TPS. Takes me a lot longer to figure out who is shooting at me - tracer bullets they helpfully use definitely help.

OK, in BL2 there was also a lot of snow, so your typical bad guy really stood out. Not sure what BL1 did - perhaps it was more of an open space?

I don’t get a headache or have eye issues but will say that when a lot is going on in the game the lag is unbearable.


I find mostly them about the same as BL1, although it does depend a bit on the specific map. Basically, the colour palette of the outfits is similar to the background. If they aren’t moving while shooting, it’s hard to pick them out against the background. One difference for BL3 over BL1 is that there is way more detail in everything, which just seems to compound the problem for me.

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Ditto. It’s an annoying inferno that fills the screen for a while.

Yep. Sometimes my game goes into a ‘fugue-state’ during particularly intense action; the FPS will suddenly oscillate from 40 to 80, over and over, rhythmically, like a ticking clock. I have to seek cover and wait 30-60 seconds for the normal smooth 80-120 FPS to return.

This effect is experienced just like frame drops or lag. Oy. My eyes. :confused:

In my opinion, it’s mostly elemental effects and explosions (sorry, Mr. Torgue) that are a single color, with no translucency, so instead of being able to see through them, to what you are shooting at, you just see a color. If the single color effects could be toned down (ie, the size of the shock bolts, or whatever in width) and most importantly, made a bit translucent, so you can see your enemies as well as the effects, it would really help.

I don’t presume to know what needs to be done to the game engine to make it stop giving people headaches and I don’t really care either. I just want gearbox to figure it out and fix it so I can enjoy BL3 with my wife.

I’ve been gaming since the 1980s and BL3 is the only video game I’ve ever played that gave me headaches.

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I’ll be honest. Most of the time, I have no idea what I’m shooting at. When I engage a fight, I know where to aim. But when enemy bullets and my bullets start flying, it’s mayhem. I’ll see an enemy’s critical spot and shoot at it, but then the visual effects obscure it. The only reason I’m still able to continue crit’ing when the enemy decides to relocate is because I anticipate their movement and I respond to the feedback of the red critical hit text. It’s not because I can see their critical spot.

I wouldn’t mind if they left visual clutter as is, but at the same time, I wouldn’t consider it as a positive experience. Although, I do have a personal request that the font size of the floating text could scale with your HUD size.

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There is plenty of that, sure - I was also making a general observation that even when I’m not on fire/irradiated/swimming in acid, I am still having trouble locating the enemies (excluding Graveward and such, of course).

Perhaps it’s simply lack of familiarity with maps and spawns on my part, but may be it’s also design/graphics change from previous games.

It annoys me when I’m running Maliwan Takedown and try to shoot maliwan guy with Brainstormer. After connecting with target I can’t see anything and before I know, I’m shooting the ground because target has moved away.

Fine, maybe my aim or reaction time is giving me trouble but after playing some AR and DM on CSGO, I did not register any huge difference.

Maybe it is possible to develop strategy in order to manage visual pollution as it might be just another element of the learning curve…

To some extent, any explosive damage you can put into the general area of the elemental attack source - if you can get some knock-back, you can throw off their aim and catch a breather. A decent singularity grenade might help with that too.

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Usually when I lose line of sight I assess the mini map, use the mini map as my eyes to either reposition or to confirm I’m still firing at the target :slight_smile:


In solo, depending on the enemy, I just run in their face and spam crits. Playing with friends especially a certain 2 of them(splash mozes) is a whole different ball game. Solid, never ending bright lights surround their targets. I typically just swap to a different target.