Please address the flood of visual effects in this game

Usually when I lose line of sight I assess the mini map, use the mini map as my eyes to either reposition or to confirm I’m still firing at the target :slight_smile:


In solo, depending on the enemy, I just run in their face and spam crits. Playing with friends especially a certain 2 of them(splash mozes) is a whole different ball game. Solid, never ending bright lights surround their targets. I typically just swap to a different target.


Hey guys,

Just started thinking about this -again-.
I wonder what ini tweaks we got currently what is working here?
Good start would be to find solution for:

-Reduce text size for damage text
-Move damage text location up above to targets even more (at least like 30-40% would be good)

-Reduce amount of particles (for me 30-40% would be good maybe less even if we got something for the below options)
-Reduce particle "life"time on-screen (this is the most crucial one. The “lazer beams”, the Spash effects, they stick to the screen for seconds! And I don’t mean decals. Weapon shoot effects, weapon spash, weapon shooting graphical -additional- effects
-Reduce particle size

If we could do this with any ini tweaks, let me know please. I try to dig up old ini tweaks related to unreal engine and then we could start somewhere, however if there is something anything compiled already for the above don’t hesitate to post here please!