Please address the mass amount of surrenders

Can we please do something about the constant stream of surrenders? 7 out of my last 10 games ended in surrender, either on my team or the enemy, with most of those in the first 10 minutes. And this is pretty common lately. What makes me really irritated is when its a perfectly viable game to win. Hell, i have had my team surrender when we were winning!

I get thats its no fun to play a game where you are getting steamrolled, its the reason why surrender exists. But there needs to be a solution to stop surrenders from happening in close games. I think that the surrender option needs to be locked until the first sentry goes down at the very least. But even then, losing a sentry is no longer such a huge disadvantage due to the changes of shepard minions and is defiantly viable to mount a comeback. Especially when they overextend and get a full wipe. A lot can be done in 50 seconds with no enemy players alive.

Ive never played a game where the playerbase was so keen to give up at the first sign of a disadvantage. I just dont get it


Gearbox doesn’t control how we play or dictate decisions players make. Best thing you can do is group with friends. I’ve met many in this game that have been added to my Steam account just so we can group up.


I don’t have this issue in my elo or whatever it’s called. I did for awhile. But now I get people who will keep playing even after two of our teammates wuss out and quit because we’re 3 points behind.
I hope you find better players, or convince some friends that they need our Lord and savior Lothar Rendain in their lives.


I RARELY initiate a surrender but sometimes I think surrendering early is a good thing. HEAR MY REASON

Yesterday, I played 2 games with the same guy. His name was dantetheman1 or something like that. he played Ambra on both games. This is how he played her (I’m not exaggerating. Not a joke either)

He’ll first go and collect all the shards he can. When we are pushing and when I do notice he’s there, he’ll be ALL UP IN THE ENEMY’S FACE with solar wind. I was playing Boldur so most of the time I’ll be in front of my team mates to tank and be a pest boulderdashing and axe throwing and he’s WAYYYY in front of me. I was on the mic and I told him “Yo Ambra you should not be going all the way up there to attempt in killing them. You’ll just die”. Next team fight, what do you know? He went Leroy Jenkins again.

When he tries to take the double tralls, he just stands there life stealing them tralls without moving WHILE an enemy Alani is attacking him from behind.

When we’re all dead (yes we got wiped since he had generously feed the enemy team) and Ambra just respawned. He went ALL THE WAY INTO THE ENEMY’S BASE HOPING TO SOLAR WIND PEOPLE IN THE FACE AND LIFE LEECH and pooff! got wiped.

TWO GAMES man… TWO GAMES. He died 16 times. Second game was worse. Him and another person using El Dragon who did the same thing but not as worse as the Ambra. Both died 16 times with 0 kills for Ambra and 2 kills for El Dragon.

I would rather surrender early than play with those guys again


@12326kjr, 2 days after release, all the signs were there …

Only play with friends/premades isnt a solution to the problem though, you are just avoiding the problem.

And while GBX may not control why we want/dont want to surrender. They do have the ability to control how and when we are able to vote for a surrender. Increasing the minimum time to surrender was a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done.

Even if GBX is able to change surrender-timer or add higher penalties for leaving/quitting, they cannot fix people.
Its annoying, but I don´t see any improvement GBX could add would really change the players habits… There´ll always be trolls and childish gamers who only care for kills & winning.

If they prolong the timeframe until surrender vote, people who wanna quit will just stand in a corner doing nothing, which is just as bad in my opinion…
Or they´d start to interrupt the game because they are hostile and want to screw up their team.
It already happens now - one wants to surrender, 4 say no and the 1 pissed player starts to jump off cliffs, interrupting their mates and ■■■■ up the game. Cannot fix ■■■■■■■ behaviour. I wish there´d be a pill against that…

I used to surrender on early blow outs but after the changes to the shepard spawns and whatnot comebacks are actually more common these days.

Now I refuse surrenders and force players to stick it out. Sometimes they get mad at me and I’m like “you’ll never get better at this game surrendering all the time.” They don’t like hearing that though haha.


I agree 100%. I also think the surrender option needs to be addressed.

My favorite is when the surrender fails, and the person who initiated it either drops or just goes AFK (fortunately, I’ve only seen the latter happen once in a game of Smite). And this, like most other team-based games, leaves you at a severe disadvantage.

Good times. Except not really.

This is one of the reasons they may be hesitant on restricting the surrender mechanic. If you make it too hard to surrender people are just going to quit the game (which is a whole other problem).

Somehow they need to balance it so you can throw up a surrender when your team is at a large disadvantage, but keep it around so people dont want to quit because they are getting stomped on. And honesty im not sure how you do that, but putting it just on a timer doesnt seem to work.

@JoeKGBX, are there any plans to continue adjusting the surrender option or do you feel like its in a good place currently?

Sidenote: While other threads make it sound like you guys do not listen/give feedback about various topics, I think you guys do a great job of setting expectations and letting us no what we will see in the future. Keep up the great work :smile:

Thanks, @12326kjr. We certainly want to be as communicative as possible with you all. In this case, with the adjustments made to surrender in last week’s hot fixes, the best thing to do is give it a little time to see the changes take effect and then revisit the data and community sentiment and go from there.

Can we agree that you all will continue to keep us updated on this thread and I in turn will make sure our findings get back to the dev team? If this is still an issue, we’ll want to make sure we’re keeping an eye on it to cross-reference with our data. Sound ok?


Is there a matchmaking rating in this game?

I ask that question, because if there is I’d accept some changes to the surrender system. If there isnt, I’d like the game to remain as is.

I call surrenders a lot. The game often, 7/10 times is a complete stomp. With either mine or the other team being a full premade or straight up better (though I do like fighting against a premade, those games are generally really good, or really quick).

If we can fix how the games are being matched so there’s less stomps and more good games, maybe surrenders will go down.

@JoeKGBX well I’m not sure there’s been much change tbh since the last adjustments to surrender, apart from less spamming. In fact what I’ve seen some more of are players instigating a surrender, the vote failing and then that player quitting the match.

I’ve had several matches in the last few days where a team has surrendered shortly after the 6 minute mark. Last night it was the opposing team surrendering on incursion at 100-83 (so they’ve not even lost their first sentry). A few nights ago it was my team surrendering in a similar situation where we were barely losing. This brings me onto another issue - the surrender vote is not always seen (ie it doesn’t appear on screen at all). That match where my team surrendered didn’t show me a vote option at all, the game just ended with defeat by surrender. This has happened several times now. My fiancée also plays and has noticed the same thing - we play in the same matches and we’ve noticed on several occasions that one of us can see a surrender vote and the other can’t. This needs looking at and fixing.

I think that the surrender needs looking at further to restrict its use to prevent calling for surrender when the game has barely begun and a team isn’t that far behind, as well as preventing a surrender when one team is just about to win (again we had one last night where a surrender was called twice right at the end of a match with the countdown for the second one not even finishing before the other team got the points to win).

Finally something needs to be done about quitters and afk players. To have people quit just after their call for surrender vote fails is very frustrating, as is quitting at the selection screen because they didn’t get the character they wanted, quitting because their kill/death ratio is negative early in the game and so on. Afk are just as bad, sitting in the base for much of the game and handicapping the rest of the team. These issues need addressing along with surrender, to deal with surrender alone just pushes the problem from one thing to another.

There have been a few times now where I have had a game just end. At first i thought the other team surrendered and we won, but then it says defeat at the top. I just figured it was me getting tunnel vision and not seeing the surrender vote. Maybe the surrender option isnt showing up sometimes? It would help explain why the majority of the time surrenders are asked for and players dont vote at all.

I don’t like surrendering unless it’s obvious the other team is just farming kills. That’s when it stops being fun.

Honestly I can see this issue fixed in the next month or so. Once ranked comes out people will be more serious about the game and won’t want to surrender due to possible loss of elo or ranking or howevet they plan on doing it. Another thing is is the rewarding system. Since the rewards are only based around how long the matches go for and not how well the player is doing its a easier decision to make to surrender early on since if it looks like you’ll lose and not having fun their is no point in continuing. So once ranked comes out and they fix the rewarding system then I think you will see people surrender much less often.

I’m of the mind of never give up, never surrender! I would rather play a game and lose 500-25 then surrender, you can still take the opportunity to learn something (maybe watch how the opponent is playing a character you would like to try?). It would be pretty easy to give people who leave during a match and miss say, more than 25% of the time played (or end the game idle/out of the match) a one hour time out for PvP. They can still go do solo PvE or whatever, but it would definitely deter people from leaving if they tried a surrender vote and failed. You’ve committed to playing a full game by joining. If it’s an hour then it doesn’t really punish those who have to leave for some RL/emergency issue as they’ll likely be back after that time period is up.


The matchmaking when the game released was bad and only got worse. As more players got into the higher ranks, teams were being put together with 80s and 90s versus 2s and 3s with an odd 50. There was a short window just before Memorial Day where the teams were more balanced, but they hotfixed it back.

It sucks to play on the roflstomped team once or twice. I take my lumps and move on. When being stomped is the majority of your PVP playtime it gets frustrating. It’s infuriating to see how easy it would be to make the teams more balanced by grabbing 10 players at random and using Command Rank to sort them into relatively balanced teams instead of whatever process that’s in use now. At this point I hate PVP because I know how it’ll turn out before I hit the button.