Please adjust vehicle health TVHM +

Vehicles in TVHM need a boost to health. In the first playthrough they are perfect in terms of how much damage they can take. Against other vehicles they are 100% even, shot for shot. It’s up to you to shoot better than the enemy. Against NPC’s on the ground you have the advantage as you are in an armoured vehicle with powerful guns which makes total sense but they aren’t hugely OP.

In TVHM, and especially if you go to Mayhem mode not only are you weaker than every other vehicle pound for pound, you can be destroyed in seconds by virtually any NPC on the ground. This is the most obvious when you try and steal a vehicle from NPC’s and they both end up on the ground and instantly begin shooting at you. You’ll be lucky if you can even get 10ft before your vehicle blows up. I understand TVHM is meant to be more challenging but this needs adjustment, especially in the sections of the game where you have to drive as part of the story. There is a certain section of the game where you are forced to use a specific vehicle whose weapons are so utterly weak compared to the numerous vehicles and NPCs you need to fight on the route I got blown up 4 times trying to complete the section. There was nothing I could do about it. I was driving at top speed and shooting everything with solid accuracy.

It needs balancing.


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Couldn’t agree more. On mayhem 3 I sometimes don’t even bother getting a vehicle or immediately jump out if there any enemies around, they just shred your vehicle like it’s made out of styrofoam.


I did the main questline mission where you have to drive in a vehicle through an entire map on foot instead (Amara with mindfulness and cryo slide speed artifact) and then digistructed the car at the last catch a ride station. The car was constantly getting blown up and even a few cryo bullets would slow the car to a halt.


The monster truck mission was quite annoying on TVHM due to this glaring oversight.


Totally agree with this. My character is actually stronger than any vehicle he drives around in on TVHM, even with vehicle armor. It’s a complete scaling oversight that needs to be fixed.


Totally agree.


This happens to me all the time. A couple of vehicle related missions I found a lot harder in TVHM than NVHM as well. To the point that I’m driving at a snail pace so I can take out towers/ enemy vehicles at a great distance. Because once I get too close I’m a goner. The way I play these sections doesn’t match the way they look like they were designed to play. So some buffing would be nice. :blush:


True story…
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There is something that confuses me with the vehicles. They have more health than many players do, but they melt faster. It is as if they take more damage than a player does from similar attacks.

Guess there is more under the hood than just the health number.


YES +1000000000

I really thought I was an okay driver until TVHM and then WHAM, like 2 or 3 hits and even though Mr Torgue loves it! EXPLOSION

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This is my eperience as well. You can easily play around it but it is frustrating. I wish GB stops investing time in vehicles and puts the effort where it matters.

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that’s a mayhem problem… i’m in TVHM and never ever did my vehicle explode…

and i’m the one chasing after them (not the other way around) so constantly under fire…

or slap on heavy armor… could be you’re not using that part…

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Vehicles in general just don’t feel good in this game. The map doesn’t show enough of where you’re going, they blow up after like two shots, all the good upgrades have to be found. A lot of times I just walk.

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It is a little hilarious though to punch a vehicle to death.

When stealing I tried to carefully shoot the driver and gunner out of the enemy vehicle, but always miss a little and end up blowing the thing up.

Yeah quality of life change lets go. Bump. Also would not be too hard for gearbox to change should just be a value adjustment.

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agreed 100%, i get i can increase with guardian ranks, but i am so not putting points into vehicle damage, until i have gotten more important points up.

I haven’t gotten the technical rocket booster yet, and I’m now on tvhm, and now I am definitely worried.

I’m still missing some vehicle mods and I’m thinking I’ll just turn off Mayhem completely when I want to hunt them down. Hopefully that’ll work.

Yes this needs to scale with TVH and MH modes it is very underpowered in those modes and needs to be addressed.
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