Please allow "comp stomp" or "vs. bots" to unlock lore

Ideally what I want to be able to do is play ANY game mode cooperatively with my brother, and have any required empty spots filled with bots…AND not take any hit to advancement/unlocks while doing it.

That’s simply the game experience I want, and kind of expected.

Additionally, if you started filling holes in matches with bots, it would certainly alleviate the very long queue times.

I really don’t understand gearbox’s reluctance to do this, it’s a fairly common thing with arena games to have rewarding bot play. The challenges themselves aren’t actually meaningful, just an arbitrary carrot-on-a-stick to lock content behind and give the illusion of “growth”.

Until this is done, I really won’t be playing this game.


Other big popular new games have full online Players Vs AI modes that allow full rewards (aside from ranked and ELO status). Pretty normal to have matchmaking fill your team with players and play a match against bots. A lot of casual gamers who dislike normal PvP for whatever reasons tend to enjoy this. Gearbox doesn’t seem to agree with this idea though.


This wouldn’t be a good idea yet in PVP until the AI is fixed. If you have done any private matches with bots you would have noticed the AI will generally wander for several minutes doing nothing.


Even with the stunted AI, I have way more fun playing comp stomps with a couple friends than using matchmaking at all.

I don’t have to wait in a queue.

I don’t have to wait for map selection because someone’s AFK.

I don’t have to wait for the character selector to time out because someone got disconnected or went AFK while waiting for matchmaking.

I know what I can expect from my friends and the AI; AI might get stuck on shards every once in a while but at least they aren’t going to intentionally AFK in the respawn area when they aren’t having a good game.

I can surrender if I need to quit the match without hurting anyone’s feelings.


I don’t understand why Gearbox will not entertain the idea.

Comp Stomps are fun - why not remove the unnecessary content barrier?


Because coming soon you will be able to for the low price of 1200 platinum!!!

JK. This needs to be added but i don’t think they have any intention too, all they have mentioned is lowering the number count you need for some of them.


I have never played in a PVP game where a bot took over for a player who quit/AFK that didnt proceed to die repeatedly. I would rather be down another player then have to share XP with a useless bot who did nothing but feed kills/XP to the enemy team.

The day they add bots to PVP is the day I quit playing Battleborn

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I’m thinking that at one point in time, they honestly intended for this game to be the next big eSports thing out there on Twitch like League of Legends or something. They have spoken about eSports a lot,including working on things like spectator mode and draft character selects. Therefore, they weren’t really thinking of catering to casual gamers much, more focused on things die hard players would want. So bots were more of an afterthought.

Since that isn’t going to happen the way things are going, I would think they would add more features casuals would use like Players vs AI and improved bots. Oh well.

I wouldn’t stop playing, but i mostly agree with you. Stil… If they made a “fill spots with bots” lobby that was SEPARATE from the default PVP lobby type, it wouldn’t hurt anyone or anything. It’s a catchy name too, IMO.

Paladins, from Hi-Rez, has this method.

If a player disconnects or leave or is afk for a time, a bot takes his/her place. And if he/she reconnects, is where the bot was. And this isn’t the most advanced bots but they pull their part and help a little, less than a veteran player, more than a new player, but they help nonetheless.

I don’t mind a method like that and also the possibility to create a match with bots filling the free spots and a queue against them, like in Smite, Heroes of the Storm or LOL. Not all people like to go versus another player and it could be good this method so they can complete the lore challenges without feeling too force to play something they don’t like.

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This would be a nice compromise I think. An actual “Comp Stomp” game mode.

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this would further split a small and fractured player base

I don’t know about you, but i would rather have the players who disconnect or surrender because they don’t have a full team go to this kind of a lobby, instead of lengthening game creation times by continously disconnecting or surrendering in the default lobby. If i have to play against the same people over and over, so what? At least i know they will stick in a short-handed match most of the time.

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The more lobbies you create the longer the queues for each lobby get given how small the player base is.

Also, the bots are terrible. I queued for player versus player, not to play bots. There are already a several modes to play bots. If they add bots when people drop out I’ll just move on to another title, because that is not the game I purchased

“That is not the game i purchased” -

First off, “the game you purchased” will be whatever Gearbox MAKES it; its not up to you, thank god. Get over yourself.

Second; if a longer que-time with the same players is the price paid for helping to create a lobby where i can play a whole match through end-to-end, then that does nothing but HELP the game IN MY OPINION. Did you get those last three words? I suggest you use them, so you don’t end up sounding selfish.

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If they change the game in a way I don’t like I can move onto another title. That is my prerogative.

Why are you being so hostile? Because I want to actually play against other players in PVP?

All I stated that if Gearbox implemented your suggestion I would move on to another title.

The bots are terrible. FACT.

And all i suggested was that you are selfish for stating that you would stop playing because you have to wait just a little longer to get in a match, if it means many others will get a lobby type that THEY would like. As to the CPUS, I agree that they have less than desirable skill and intelligence; but start a private PVP match with you alone on one team vs. 5 CPUs, and you’ll see it makes for a pretty decent match. Not as good as public PVP, but still challenging if paired against a balanced team.

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You’re missing a few extra zero’s there :wink:

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This tells me everything i need to know to never play with bots.

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Sure, you need all five to present a challenge, but at least you have that option. Just like players should have the option to have a lobby where they fill the disconnections with bots. It’s all about variety, and it’s essentially a lack of this that is killing Battleborn for new players, among other things.

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