Please at least some Compensation for Digital Pre Orders

This game has been riddled with issues since launch.

For those of us here who pre ordered the game digitally, while holding out for promised fixes and patches to address the ongoing issues and that are not eligible for a full refund should surely deserve some form of compensation as an apology for not living up to standards or not being finished to the point of having no major launch issues.

Otherwise if it was physical copy, I’d of taken it back to the store or sold it on.

Ideally (but dreaming) all editions with DLC that was included in the pre orders before release date should get a partial refund and have the DLC for free. :innocent::roll_eyes::grimacing:

Just me or anyone else feeling the same?

Entitled for what I paid for? And not getting it.

If you don’t want to see me moan then don’t read.


I honestly don’t think he’s wrong though, it’s been less than a month. Most games these days release full of bugs, and yet Gearbox is already on top of theirs and continually coming out with hotfixes and updates. Have some patience and wait for everything to be fixed, if you’re asking for the dlc for free it kinda sounds partly like you want to come back anyways later / stick around but still get your money back - essentially getting the game for free or for a reduced price that you agreed upon.


Just frustrating something you’re looking so forward too and all these issues, some of the other members have been very useful and I rather come back and try again once everything’s fixed.
Just feels unfinished when you pre order the super deluxe edition for over £100.
Going to try and refund through the Microsoft store rather than wait for more patches and fixes and re buy it at a later date once fixed. Otherwise it’s just a waiting game to seeing when it’s all been done.
I just don’t want to be finding myself getting pissed off every time I turn it on cause I’m still waiting for a fix.
That being said some fixes have been done.
Just don’t believe in paying that much for something when the core game is not feeling complete because they can issue a fix after a release, just feels cheap.
I would of trusted this to be covered all in testing.

so wait, the problem here isn’t that you haven’t immediately recieved DLC, it’s that the game wasn’t fully patched on arrival and you want a refund and free DLC in return?

bro please give me 60 dollars because an online patch has (not yet) ruined the entire game for me

When a game this big at launch and still a few issues still following after you don’t expect some of the following to pass Beta…

  • Joining someones game, unlocking everything and all the audio playing at once, so you got to delete your save file and restart.

  • Logs, mission dialogue and character dialogue playing over each other.

*Co Op Partners menu overlapping into your screen when they open it.

  • Still receiving frame rate drops in some areas.

  • Menu’s lagging and cut scenes lagging in offline play

  • Dialogue font in menus and subs not being clear or unreadable

It wasn’t as if it was a server issue due to demand that caused it all.

I mean if I bought a standard edition, fair enough I would wait it out, but when you pre order the Super Deluxe, over £100, still waiting for fixes so you can enjoy the game. I mean I’m feeling pretty let down. And researching further in the forums a lot are still having issues, not everyone, but a good fair few.

I said partial refund covering DLC as a cheeky quote, hence the emoticons and dreaming line.
I’d imagine if Gearbox do actually compensate fans and players it will be through VIP reward points or golden keys if not skins for characters.

hate to say it bro but this literally always happened in bl2. you gotta pace yourself


Yeah, learnt the hard way this time.

Careful with that response, I don’t feel it is wrong to feel entitled to a working game when it is officially released, only games in early access get this excuse.


It didn’t happen in BL2 NEARLY as much as it happens in BL3.

I have played the BL2 story over a hundred times through UVHM and love it but it rarely ever slowed me down.

BL3 I am always waiting for someone to finish talking.


Dont let others tell you what to do. Just random people on the internet who dont know more then you do. Just stay civil and you are good man.

As far as refunds/compensations go…you ll be out of luck on the forums with your request. All that is going to do is draw trolls, white knights and people who vent by attacking their fellow gamers. I would suggest contacting gearbox directly, explain your situation/frustration and try to come to an agreement. Please consider that you are not entitled to any kind of refund or compensation by law. It all comes down to Gearboxes goodwill


Skipping cutscenes is going to be a MAJOR QoL improvement for sure…at least for me

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Skipping cutscenes will be huge if they implement it, but what will always kill me is when you get done with a vault piece and you go to Lillith on the bridge and you have to listen to 5 minutes of the Calypso Twins droning on and on. You can go anywhere on the ship you want, but you can’t continue your missions until they finish. THAT is what I hate.

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I remember when I got my first game preorder. This is just par for the course. Especially if your on pc. Game cant be tested with all types of hardware that are out in the wild. [that’s part of it] lots of it falls through the cracks with QA too.

what makes it bad is that Gearbox is obviously more concerned with nerfing down “overpowered” stuff then improving performance. Wrong priorities…


See this I am fine with, but what I find totally unacceptable from the so called beta testers is…

TVHM mode being as easy as it is. Just ONE person doing TVHM should have noticed how bad this was.

Obviously whoever played Fl4k while beta testing thought he was in decent shape, yet he has been nerfed 3 times?

Loot drops were all fine during beta testing so much so that they were bragging about all the legendaries that drop and even showed trailers with a dozen legendaries all dropping, yet immediately after release it suddenly is now too much?

I don’t mind the loot drop change or the Fl4k changes, I feel whoever beta tested the game failed horribly by not catching these things that should have been screaming at them.


not really its easier and less time consuming to fix some things more that others.
also they are using a new game engine. Not sticking up for them it is extremely annoying

There are plenty of laws to protect consumers. If the poor guy played for an hour and decided the bugs weren’t what he paid for then he would be entitled to a refund. Me on the other hand, good luck convincing anyone after 250 hours that I didn’t get my value.

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I share your observations and am thinking that Gearbox didnt have any kind of in-depth beta at all. The rest of the game screaming “RELEASED TOO EARLY” at me confirms this. I was really hoping Gearbox would remain a company more concerned with quality then money but BL3 has proven me wrong…will adjust in the future


there the same only difference is the bonuses like guns an skins ect…also dont the s.d.e. come with the season pass? ill haft to check that but the rest is accurate.