Please be nice to your support players!

Yes, the scoring system doesn’t credit us for building up bases, clearing out minions, putting down healing… but it’s worse when players don’t acknowledge it either. :frowning:

I just had, for the first time, somebody abuse me on mic and then send me messages afterward telling me I was “garbage” for going 0-4-3 as Ambra on Meltdown. I also has 52 minions (the most in our team by a wide margin), the most objectives (14), and the most buildables (38).

The guy who abused me went 16-6-0 with Benedict, but killed only 12 minions, had 5 objectives, and 3 buildables. I played incredibly hard to give him the best possible battleground to play on - and until now, I’ve never been belittled for focusing on providing support at the expense of my own K/D glory.

I feel awful, because part of me can’t help but think that this is what I get for entering the “competitive” queue. Has anyone else experienced more unfriendly behavior since this queue became a thing?

edit: for context, this is the game. The other team was a full premade, we were solo queue. I actually think everyone played pretty well considering the other side was super coordinated… or am I wrong? was our Benedict right to blame us (and me in particular)?


just an example of some moron being stupid.
Honestly I’m on pc now but you seem to be on psn, and from my ps3 days i got harassed all the time on games, mostly fighting games.
so psn is kinda eh to me, but block if you havent and just tell him to up his minion game, a Benedict with 12 minions is kinda sad honestly

random side note, even if you actually did terrible and had no idea what you were doing, I feel like maybe with the low community numbers it’d be better to encourage players lol
I had like 7 games with a lvl 6 today, my whole team of lvl 100’s (which i want until literally 5 minutes ago lol) just kept giving her advice on how the game mode worked and how to best use their character =3=


I did suggest to him that we’d have won if he’d helped more with the minion waves (a Benedict on the other team had the highest minion count on both sides, on 58), but he said that anyone could clear minion waves - what mattered was that he could win “duels” and I couldn’t.

But I’m sure this is just one guy, and I wish him well. I’m just wondering whether having a queue called “Competitive” is going to licence this kind of attitude. Because I’m not a competitive player, not like that, but I also want to be matched against people at my skill level. :frowning:

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Ambra is support lol, in pvp she’s just an annoying character to kill lol, straight up combat isnt really her specialty.
healing, minions, distractions, thats what Ambra is used for lol, I’ve seen some pvp ambra but they’re only impressive as an ambra not as a general hero much o3o

Eh, idk why anyone in competitive would be like that, its basically the same thing with longer wait times and slightly more exp.

both modes go on your record that Other players cant see lol.
Unless other people can see your records, because if you can idk how because that means very little to me lol

I played on a team with low minion kills, me (Orendi) and a thorn were the only ones minion killing And the only ones pvp-ing until i asked the mike to focus minion killing.
(both of use with 8 kills and 50+ minions by the end, the Mike going from 15 to 40 minions in the last 10 minutes)

the Gahlt and Benedict on the left lane Literally let minions walk right past them x.x
They were lvl 50 and 30 so im thinking maybe they were those weirdo’s that only played capture (least fun/crazy mode) and just didnt know how to take care of minions.

Minion kills are literally the most important thing in Meltdown, I’ve had Meltdown games where i specifically remember us having like 3 kills total and the other team having 27 or something and yet we still won cause their minion game sucked lol.

It’s literally how they score lol, this isn’t CoD, player kills dont go to some magical score that decides the game, the score is very concrete and you can easily prevent the other team from scoring even if they have all the kills.

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I tend to think that minions kill are the most important thing too, which is why always I focus on them so heavily… but then, this Benedict did get 16 player kills. Nothing justifies him being abusive, but I suppose some people would see it as justification to blame me for the loss (even though I was trying really hard, and I believe everyone else on the team was too!) I edited a screenshot of the match results into my first post, for context.

Although now that I look more closely, most of his kills were just the other team’s Montana…

@EdenSophia, don’t let it/them get you down.

And if you’re not 100% dependent, I suggest, since report systems seems not yet to be in place, simply
mute + block: Mute in-game you access through pressing main pad + block person sending abusive messages you can do thru the PSN options button.

And to your key point, I agree that scoring system does not enough take into account building and healing … which imo is a main flaw in how scoring is calculated, as BB PVP currently - both from chart front positioning and "value"view points - is promoting death vs life (@jythri, I’m looking at you here).


lol “You’re Garbage” is an insult i love to see XD
Purely because its a reference to a podcast i like owo
It’s been meme’d to them at this point, heres a 15 second video of the reason i love it >~<

i cant wait for report system tho i think there will be a lot of turds like that benedict falsely using it. “this guy sux i report” hopefully they can weed those out.

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Pshh, no. Of course not. Judging by that screen shot I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone else got an inbox message from them too.

I haven’t encountered any attitude like this that’s been directed at me, but [quote=“EdenSophia, post:3, topic:1539533”]
I’m just wondering whether having a queue called “Competitive” is going to licence this kind of attitude.

^this has been my concern also. I would rather they just had a ranked/ladder so all the toxic “pro” players could stay out of our queues already.

Definitely not your fault, just an impolite person who doesn’t quite grasp the concept of playing Battleborn.


I doubt “sucking” will be valid cause for reprehension :dukejk:

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yeah, I mean a random jerk reporting a bad player probably wont result in any punishment.
I’m willing to bet you’d need a Bunch of reports to be actually punished and i assume they’ll be assessed by someone that can look and decide if the person’s reporting was valid and needs punishment.

Unfortunately one of the negative side effects of splitting casual queues with competitive ones is that people tend to start acting more like elitists in competitive. If you’re not meeting their standards then they’ll try to belittle you. I wouldn’t worry about it too much if you know that you did everything that you could to win. Anyways, awesome supports are a godsend and despite the fact that they don’t always get the credit that they deserve, they always have my thanks.


As an orendi player, I’m a bit baffled at your side 's Orendi. He/she must either not know how to play her, or simply be a new player.
Orendi just has the best minions clear ability for incursion, and while she’s not as adapted for meltdown imo, still, she should have a high minions count AND be high level (and not level 6). This is her primary role until level 5.
The player that was playing the less his/her role in your group was Orendi by far.

There’s no reason to call anyone garbage or blame on other the reason we lost. Having better stats in the end of the game doesn’t allow anyone to call someone garbage, trash, or something else. So even if there was someone that underperformed in your team, and even if he didn’t mistook which person it was, that was still very stupid.

As for you, well, supports are usually playing the role of a builder in the team (38 is impressive though, 83 buildables for your team is kind of crazy), but on top of this you also did good on minions wave clear. What more to ask for? Could have had more assists, but from the look of the stats, it looks like benedict was mainly flying around dueling stuff so for Ambra assisting that is almost impossible. Since there’s only 4 kills that he didn’t do himself, only 3 assists may be unavoidable.
either way, going 0-4 isn’t a problem at all. Him taking this game for a team deathmatch is more of a problem, although as long as the other players clear the minion waves, it’s fine. The problem is, Orendi didn’t do it, and Mellka only did so-so (that was ok-ish at best, and definitely not enough to compensate Orendi and Benedict not doing it). So that left most of the minions to be cleared by the support and a melee. Not really ideal. Most probably most of his deaths are because he was caught in the middle of wave clearing by the opponents.
Considering how much Orendi was lacking/struggling, Benedict should have been helping.

He didn’t help with the minion clear despite it being needed (again, if orendi did his job on his lane, that would have been fine), didn’t especially help other peoples in danger as well (0 assist for him, and low count of assist for others as well, even for Mellka who can go very high on this easily). He goes 16-6 so that’s fine somehow, but that doesn’t impress me at all considering that your team lost on minions. Since you wer elosing on that point, going after kill alone was far less important than going after minions. You went after minions, he went after kills. Guess that says it all.


I’ve been a victim of this myself. I had two melees in PvP, constantly sentry diving as soon as they cleared the minion wave, ignoring enemy PC’s for some reason. As Miko, I was constantly trying to stay with them, and get a triage point set up they could run back to and get healed for.

Mid match, over comms, I hear the ranged tank ask where I learned to heal. I was so furious that I stopped playing, dug out my mic and vented on the voice comm how I’m trying to heal two idiots that wouldn’t stop sentry diving. Even over voice, it took five or six times constantly telling them “You aren’t going to win a 3v1 just because you have a healer!!! back off that fight!!!” before they stopped repeatedly trying to be superman/Batman.

Thankfully, the ranged characters and I worked things out, but it is a common issue that a support can look bad, because they’re trying to heal someone else who’s playing REALLY bad. Our job is to get the lowest health or most at-risk heroes out of danger. Watching it from a distance will often leave the false impression, that we’re lousy. But now that Alani’s been nerfed, the prospect of people just endlessly diving because she does it as well, is now extinct. We’re generally doing it for a reason; someone else is PUTTING themselves in danger.

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…Are we allowed to talk about Gearbox customers like that?

That’s why I stopped playing miko, I had the same problem as you (and getting killed because i tried to keep those divers alive and that they either still died or escaped with some ability, leaving me alone …suddenly alone with several enemies staring at him with bloodshot eyes Hermm hello? ahahah, nice weather, don’t you think?* )

Reyna has more range so I can target the diver from afar. And if I don’t help them, yep, sorry, t’was on cooldown. Because I helped someone that wasn’t diving like an idiot. Yep, ahahahah, that’s too bad it was on cooldown, right. Maybe you would have lived like…I don’t know, 0.5sec more? I mean, focused like that by 3 enemies, 4 minions, a thumper turret and a sentry. No, no, really, that could have changed something, so that’s too bad. A shame, really. Enjoy your respawn time, btw :).

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I also got abused the other day by a player constantly insulting me (he did spend the ENTIRE match insulting me) because I didn’t heal him often.

I was playing Alani and one of his last line was :

“how hard can it be to right click to heal me ?”

:hushed: :broken_heart:

Now… there are also a lot of people asking why they don’t get heals and while they’re not insulting they’re still kind of demanding a little. It seems like they have no clue about how Alani works (Osmosis stack building). They’re also the ones dodging and not staying in my wave :disappointed: !

Oh well…

I think I’ve figured out why I got so upset - when I play, I tend to get immersed in my character (okay, I’ll admit it, in my head I’m RPing a little). It’s just the kind of gamer I am, being from an RPG/MMO background. And especially when I’m playing support, I feel very warmly-disposed toward my team: they’re my friends! We’re working together! That’s right, Nova, teamwork!

So throughout this match, I didn’t think of this guy as some angry gamer behind a controller, but as our Benedict. Every time I placed a little globe of fiery health down in the mid-base, and he soared overhead and soaked up some rays, I figured that he was sending positive vibes in return. Every time I was guarding a lane by myself, and I saw him swoop past while hunting down yet another roaming team-mate, I just thought: there goes that crazy Benedict, always on the hunt.

And that means that when he got on mic and told us that we sucked, my immersion totally broke. I wasn’t actually part of a valiant team of Battleborn competing for MINREC. It was just me, playing as one of the game’s most challenging (and lovable!) support characters, all for the benefit of a guy who just wanted to get a ton of kills and a win.

Realistically, I’m the weird one here, pretending like I’m Ambra and cooing over my Sunspots, but still… I have positive K/D with Ambra, 65% win/loss, I’ve gone as much as 15-0-20 with her in Meltdown. Even so, my perfect game is defined by how immersive it was, not whether I won or lost. I just wish there was a queue for that. :wink:


WHAT? Well he was ungrateful, Ambra can duel, but why would you? Save for a Galilea…
What people dont realize is that your assists count towards score, so a kill can award 5 points if the whole team hit someone’s health, they would only see up to 3 upon death, dueling is a part of a match cause sometimes your minions get wiped if you don’t kill or run players off… But dueling should only happen for map control… He was doing a job but didn’t get how you fit in…

I have had several games where the opponents tried to play tdm while we nickel and dimed the objective for a victory. I typically play incursion hasn’t happened recently as now most my games are decided by who lost the map vote and leaves. As for supports I play Reyna buddy plays Miko we love our supports only ones we don’t like is the ones who forget what support means like attack Miko’s we don’t expect pocket healers, but telling home shouldn’t be the correct answer while safe in your base watching them chase and get ganked.