Please Be Patient During Matchmaking

I keep hearing complaints that it takes upwards of 5-30 minutes to find a match. So what? When I was a kid, I had to wait 30 minutes for my mom to get ready then another 15 minutes to drive to the arcade or a friend’s house if I wanted to play with someone else. Waiting a few minutes in the comfort of your own home is nothing! Go make some coffee, clean your room, read a book, etc while you wait for a match. Just because you don’t find a match in 10 seconds doesn’t mean Battleborn is a bad game and not worth playing!


Pepperidge Farms remembers…

Anyway, you know this is a bad thing, right? “Battleborn: the slow food of games” is a terrible ad campaign.

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Stop defending glaring issues.


Its true though : complaining and leaving when you have a team is kind of doing nothing to help solve queue times (which go pretty fast now on xbox).

I agree with your final sentence, and i generally agree that kids have zero patience in today’s fast-paced world. That being said, as you hinted you are older, you should know that us adults have very little free time to enjoy our games, and many literally CAN’T afford to wait 20+ minutes for a match; especially when the norm seems to be to surrender if your sentry stubs one of it’s many toes. If you have a kid, you can pretty much rule it out altogether. This is why i mainly play private PVP now, unless i can get a group of friends together. Sure, it’s not a challenge, but i care more about the dialog. Hopefully the player-base will increase soon.


I don’t play Battleborn. But if people actually have to wait 30 minutes to find a match, that is something Gearbox is going to have to resolve. If Gearbox doesn’t resolve the wait time, people are going to simply get frustrated with the game and potentially stop playing it altogether. That won’t be good for Gearbox or the Battleborn Community of players. FYI, I also remember going to the arcade as a kid and placing my quarter down to get dibs on the next game (ah, 4 player Gauntlet)

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Waiting 30 mins for a match that may last 30 mins doesn’t make Battleborn a bad game. I think Battleborn is an awesome game but I waited 40+ mins for matchmaking to find 10 people and that is just poor service. When a match can last 30 mins that’s an average of 70 mins per game. This isn’t about going to an arcade pre-internet, pre-cellphones or pre-homecomputers.
Players paid a lot of money on systems, high-speed internet and the games themselves so that they could spend an hour or two of their free time to enjoy what they paid for. Waiting wasn’t one of them.

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The problem is, on weekdays I have about an hour in the afternoon to play. Upon release, it was fairly easy to fit in two games, or if the first one went to the wire, one Meltdown/Incursion and one capture. Now, I often find myself only being able to play a game of Capture in this same time span, and I’m starting to just not bother because 10 minutes of gameplay for 20-30 minutes of waiting is just dumb. I had no problems with the matchmaking until last Wednesday, and have been unable to play a single game of meltdown since Friday with about 6 hours of gameplay since.

Waiting 30+ minutes might not be such a problem in an MMO where you can go and do many, many other things while waiting, but in a game where this is literally nothing you can do but wait it’s totally unacceptable. Sure, the first match waiting that long isn’t so bad, I can get a drink etc, but after the 2nd or 3rd it’s just a waste of time. Considering even the Advanced story modes won’t take you an hour, and that PvP matches often don’t last 15 minutes, waiting 30+ minutes for a match is terrible.

As others have said, many players have limited time these days and cannot spend 10 hours a day in front of their computer or console. If you only have two hours to play, would you want to spend 90 minutes of that waiting in a queue?


I wouldn’t mind waiting 5 minutes to get a match going. 10 to 30 minutes is just unacceptable in 2016. I think the biggest issue is the extremely lop sided team balance. I group with people between lvl 10-30 and consistently get matched against level 80’s and up. It is extremely frustrating. If the matchmaking algorithm doesn’t get fixed any time soon, with regards to both queue times and team balancing, i fear the player base will slowly fade away and find other games to play.

I was hoping it wouldn’t come to the point where people would actually try and justify the matchmaking when it’s blatantly flawed and underpopulated (at least on PC).

I enjoy the game as much as the next person, but let’s not try to be blind devouts and pass off huge issues like matchmaking, optimization, etc., as little nuances that can be overlooked. Address the elephant in the room and hope that the developers will fix the problem.

Game needs a Quick Queue playlist to funnel all remaining PC players in together.

But waiting 30 minutes…
Just so it can say ‘disconnected, not enough players’…
Or for an unbalanced 4v5 team…
Or for a game that ends in under 5 minutes due to ‘surrender’…

I’m not then spending another 30 minutes, because of ‘patience’…
(Battleborn is by no means, a bad game - despite this current flaw)

Sure, I have other things to do…
But I don’t know how my team would feel if I got so swept up in another task, that I ended up being AFK when it finally put me in a game…

Gearbox needs to know their issues…
and will hear it’s gamer’s cries, and fix them in due time…
They got this! :wink:

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That’s too long. Way too long. That’s the problem, did you somehow not get that?

This is causing another game breaking problem catalyzed by the horribly long wait times - when you finally get into a game after a long wait 1 or more players are still AFK from stepping away, ruining the game that it took you 20 minutes to get into. That is not the 5-10 min experience people want after waiting 20, especially after forking over 60 bucks.

The “when I was a kid” crap doesn’t really hold any water here. When I was kid, there wasn’t widespread internet or cell phones. I’m just telling you the way it is.

On xbox : I have never waited more than maybe 7-8 min and it happened like one or two time. Usually wait around 3-4 minutes. I feel like people who wait 30 mins are the exception here not the rule : we should not generalize that queue times on Battleborn are of 30 minutes…

Not on PC, especially capture. If you’re solo queuing, 10 minutes would be good, and the average much higher. So, your worst is better than the average.