Please bring Handsome Jack back!

Handsome Jack is one of the best characters in the Borderlands Universe. Please bring him back whether he’s an android copy or maybe Timothy, etc.

Other wish list ideas:
-make Mr. Torgue a playable character
-make Tiny Tina a playable character

Thanks for the great games!

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Jack’s time is done and gone and I don’t think bringing him back is a good idea because it would only dilute the impact he had on the serious. That and the head writers for BL 2 left before 3 started development. I don’t think anybody could do Jack justice like Burch did.

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I didn’t realize the writers of BL2 had left.

I think bringing Jack back would do a lot for the series. He was the perfect villain. His development as a character and fall to villainy was like watching Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of the Joker. A regular guy driven to the edge. He had depth and his sarcasm and wit were delightful.

I enjoyed Borderlands 3. The artwork was amazing as usual and the soundtrack / voice acting was excellent. The different planets and story of Typhon DeLeon really expanded the Borderlands universe, but I found the Calypso twins lacked depth. Basically evil and power hungry due to boredom.

Maybe bringing Jack back isn’t the answer, but I hope the next antagonist is just as interesting.

This is probably the better choice, especially after the canonical ending of Tales from the Borderlands.


I agree with Gulfwulf here. After two full games under his belt and the Jackpot DLC, Jack’s time is over. Mind you, he is the undisputed King Of The Villains in the Borderlands games, no buts about that.

The weirdly omniscient pair of streamers with a mighty cult that was obviously grown in a plot hole were a sad joke, which leads to missing Jack who really shines in comparison.

The twins of boredom are even harder to stomach if one (like me) expected a story connecting to TPS.

Remember how Athena does not get shot because the Watcher intervenes and warns of an imminent war? Fascinating storyhook right there.

And I got a pair of streamers instead…

Now then, after confessing what I wanted to play, the Jackpot was well done, but I neither want Borderlands to devolve into a Handsome Jack themed scavenger hunt, nor into a ‘find the Jack clone’ serial. We had Jackenstein already :wink:


Looks like we all agree that Handsome Jack was a great villain. I understand the stick a fork in him, he’s done comments. It appears the main take away is we want more from our next antagonist.

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Do you mean crushing the eye containing Jack’s AI? If so, how do you know that’s the canonical ending?

Because IIRC that’s what the lead writer said.

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Ah alright, I just asked because I’ve seen multiple people talking about canonical choices in TFTB, and I was wondering if I had missed some sources.

It was discussed at the time; I think the writer’s comments were on their social media channel.

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