Please buff El Dragon

Gearbox please buff El Dragon’s health and sustainability. He’s one of my favorite characters but he’s very hard to play with, due to health being so low. He’s a Melee character so you have get in close to fight but you never get there because he goes down so easily. Since he’s pure Melee with no long range attack to keep him from having to come in this is very frustrating. He should be on par with Kelvin and Attikus health and sustainability since they like him have to be in the middle of the action. Also can you guys make the dragon splash height higher? He should be able to splash from a height just above Montana’s head because as of yet I’ve never been able to get the dragon splash on a Montana. Also could we get a skin with some actual dragons on his tights or mask please. Otherwise I love the game and will continue to play it for a long time

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I wouldn’t mind seeing him get a slight buff on base HP but you’d have to take a little nerf on Splash damage to compensate probably.

He’s a glass cannon at the moment, which can be fun, but not so much on a melee character.

He doesn’t need a buff imo, he can survive fairly well, and does INSANE damage. It’s a pain to deal with, and one of a select few characters I struggle with playing against, unless I’m another melee character. (Kelvin and Attikus being the other two)

I stopped playing him because of this, he dies way too easily.
More health is needed. What could that possibly hurt?
I believe it is one of the main reasons he dies in the air so much since the slam got nurfed.

How do you do this please tell me

I’d be fine with that

Clothesline into knock up, ult, splash w/ stun, destroy target or two, run away, rinse, repeat.

That’s great strategy but he can’t in to get enough kills or buildabes to get to level 4 early.

Key is early game. Close line out to get head start and get shards. By the time your in action you have it back. From there just buy stuff, kill minions, etc. You can stay in the action until the last second then clothesline out.

I honestly don’t think he needs a buff, but he def shouldn’t be labeled as easy(pretty sure he is). Once you get your stacks/level up he deals massive damage and has survivbality. Hard part is maintaining level early. If you can do that you should rampage the second half of the game with 30% melee and dmg reduction(mutation at level 5), plus all the tools the helix unlocks.

After level 5 you pretty much have a guaranteed kill or double kill every minute with en fuego. See a couple people over extending just clothesline in, en fuego, dragon splash, melee finish if there’s one, clap is useful if there’s more than one.

Edit: your only problem late game will be a Galilea. She does some weird stuff to El Dragon with desecrate pull/silence. If she sees you using your abilities she will just pop it and pull you out of it, even when it’s a second away from ending. You’ll never be able to clothesline or dragon splash a good Galilea.

I disagree. Just gotta be choosy. I can clothesline in, splash, and run away and push minions pretty well till I have an opportunity to kill someone. Lvl 2 is all you need to be annoying. You can cancel your clothesline directly into splash and get the field down to electrify people and do some damage and leave without TOO much fear and then at lvl 5 take over the game! If his early game was easy he would be broken cause his endgame is AMAZING.

Buff Attikus, El Dragon can at least move fast enough.

Idk, personally I suck with him, but from what I’ve seen, Clothesline is primarily an escape tool, the other skill is an instigator, and you basically run in and run out as fast as you can, while killing unaware enemies. I’m assuming Max Damage/Attack Speed gear, but that’s the extent of my knowledge.

Also, you should definitely farm minions first to gain levels before really engaging in fights against enemies, at Low levels he’s much weaker

The issue I’m having is playing with him in Advance PvE missions. If I’m playing solo, I might as well quit since he dies too much with no way of reviving.

He definitely needs his debuff in Health reversed or his shield beefed up. He’s waaaaaaay too squishy for Advance Story mode.

No no no. He’s stupidly fast, has ridiculous attacks and a mental ultimate, and that god damn bloody AoE clap. He was broke as hell in the beta, let’s not have that again.

I’m not talking about buffing his attacks just his health even farming minions he gets taken out in a few good shots while your hitting the dragon splash or taking out the minions.

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I tend to play El Dragon in what I call “yolo” style. I run in, screaming “YOLO”, do as much damage as I can, die, and do it again. I do agree he could do with a bit more shield or health. He is way squishy for a melee

I always tell el dragon players the rule to playing el dragon is you cannot die! Those stacks are what make him game breaking late game and losing them is what makes him seem underpowered. Even if you are behind run around get shards build stuff to catch up but do everything you can to not die while killing as much as you can. (A contradiction I know but it is how he is played now)