Please buff him

This guy has no sustainability he walks in the fight and gets blown to pieces. His lifesteal is lackluster, and his passive is trash. I think the best way to give him boxing sustain is to buff his passive where each charge gives both some form of HP recovery and shield regeneration rate. He’s so big no one can miss landing a shot or ability on him, which makes him incredibly squishy. Also his charged punch is a bit lackluster cause it can never be used properly. If I pounce in to the fight and actually manage to stun a target( also providing that i don’t spend three seconds rotating the camera to find where that target went.) Your charged hook takes so long that you can’t even land the damn thing. I think the charge rate should be increased and the movement penalty should be removed. If there is anything I missed please do add on.

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I may be wrong, but it feels like he got some kind of attack speed buff in this last patch…I’ve at least been seeing a lot more of him lately, and they don’t underperform. His health feels a tad higher too.

He’s definitely hard to use, but at the moment all you need to do is keep track of his sustainability and use hit and run tactics until his mid to late game, and you’ll be golden. A level 8 Attikus is not to be trifled with.

Oh I really hope they do give give this guy some kind of buff. As things stand the moment I see Attikus picked at character selection I consider the game lost.

Everything about him is just bad:

Slow movement.

Slow attack speed.

Large easy target.

His secondary charged attack takes forever to charge AND you can’t even run whilst charging.

His pounce ability sends people flying so far away that usually it knocks them out of danger but places Attikus right in the middle of it. I’m usually thankful when Attikus pounces on me.

Other than his ultimate, the secondary effects conferred by expending charges are just awful.

As a teammate he just gets in the way and feeds kills to the enemy. He’s such a liability that I’d rather be a man down than suffer by having an Attikus on my team.

I’ve heard a myth that late game around helix rank 8 Attikus becomes really good. Problem is late game is just too late, the games pretty much lost as you’ve been playing 4v5 the entire match.

Attikus is the only character in the game that I consider bad.


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As a Master Attikus the only things that need changing are his Overcharge abilities.
They are completely useless except for his Ult.
Also someone else suggested that he should get a movement speed boost with each of his Charges which makes sense tbh. Honestly though with his legendary and Speed boost from his Arc fist only a few people can run away.
Oh and maybe switch up his Helix tree a little (Give him the Attack Speed boost earlier)

Yeah. Buff. As is, the character has nothing to add to the roster. He’s not a tank, assassin, too squishy to brawl, and cooldowns to long to disrupt. Pounce is dizzying and you never can make use of the stun, and Arc is dependent on you being able to brawl for more that 10 seconds

I’m still not sure about attikus. He is really strong late game, but his early game is a bit rough. The change to the way minion Sheppards and thralls work is actually an indirect buff to attikus because he is good at killing thralls, and now games don’t snowball out of control as much before he hits his prime. If any buffs were to be made, I would suggest a bit more health and a slight cooldown reduction to pounce.

Actually one quality of life change that i would like is to just get rid of the pounce overcharge. I find it pretty annoying that his lvl 5 helix to get health regen is not really useful when u actually need it. If I’m fighting and i start getting killed, I want to pounce away and reposition. But doing that now means I no longer get health regen so I can’t reset myself. Maybe they could just make it so pounce doesn’t consume overcharge if it doesn’t hit anyone.

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They need to rework his pounce, this skill is ■■■■■■■ atrocious for a cc skill. When you land, you knockback the enemy in literally random directions. If you’re lucky the enemy will be stunned but will not be in your sights. If not, the enemy isn’t in your sights but is free to flank or run away from you for free while you wasted your “CC”, unless you got slow from the pounce. All they need to do is either make it a knock up or a slow, and also reduce the CD by 15 seconds if you got a full charge.

And please allow sprinting while charging your hook. It’s just worthless otherwise.


What do you think about adding some kind of sustain to each individual charge. My issue with attikus is that currently the charges only work to add some added affect to my abilities. And to be honest the added affects aren’t even that great. His Hedronic Arc at full charges gives the aoe shock, i guess that one’s ok, but the extra shield damage on the pounce is kinda worthless in my opinion. Why would they give him the charged hook that is meant to take down shields, and give the ounce the extra shield dmg too? I think at max charges the pounce should apply a shock, aoe damage field at his landing position and instead of knocking them back it should stun all enemies in the area.I believe he also needs some kind of built in hp region, i was thinking his passive should give some form of hp regen and another effect maybe movement speed or damage reduction.

In terms of what he’s supposed to do, i like to think of him as a a brawler kinda like El dragon, but with less single target damage emphasis and more Aoe, peel, crowd disruption fighter. But he can’t currently do that because he gets blown to pieces the moment he steps into the fight.

His rank 5 ability gives him a 35 hp regen per second which I almost always take.
It helps quite a bit between fights.
Only problem is his pounce overcharge, you might need to use it to escape but once you do you lose all of your charges/your hp regen. I feel they should change the overcharge ability so you need to hit something to use them up, not on activation or at least give it something better like as you said a DoT where he lands or a stun instead of knock back. Honestly I think he’s fast enough as he is. When the 30% movement speed boost from his Arc Fists and the Slowing effect of his legendary, once you punch someone they aren’t getting away unless they use a skill. He could do with a health buff.
If you compare El Dragon to Attikus I think you’ve got them mixed up.
Attikus is more a solo killer why El Dragon is more about the AoE. Attikus is quite a lot more durable then El Dragon as well. I don’t have much experience with Dragon to be sure though.

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I know right? I tried to practice using his pounce in solo versus, but the knockback doesn’t make any sense. I was testing against the thralls which weren’t even moving, but I couldn’t get them to consistently launch the direction I wanted. I would have them at the far outer edge or my target icon, and the thrall would still sometimes get pushed back behind me for some reason. The best thing I can suggest is to watch the radar when you pounce to see where your target lands, but that doesn’t work as well when you pounce into a crowd.

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Certain helixes need reworked. His early game needs reworked. He can’t do much until he gets some minion kills, but can’t get them when the team immediately picks on him for being a big target. It’s no wonder I never see him picked.

I wanna see him get a Helix where he can run while charging his fist. Ya know, kinda like Boldur but in Melee form.

Also his charges do need some for of life steal on top.

Yes, poor Attikus. In order to play matches and not being a liability to my team I’m forced to play collecting shards and taking thralls until lvl 5.
If I jump into the fray too early, even mastering pounce, I get destroyed. Usually I try NOT TO hit enemies with pounce, otherwise I lost them due to random knock back. Worst, in portuguese the skill tooltip says that Attikus knock enemies UP, not back, leading newbies to horrible mistakes.

Anyway, I’m pretty usefull now that I know what he can do, which is not fighing in the field. With right gear and helix he can destroy thrall camps in record time. (Right point of view to crit thralls + 60% damage)
Once lvl 5 my participation means throwing my ultimate, a few punches, scatter the enemies and pounce away with minimal health. Luckly my team will realize that I’m juggling 3~5 guys and help me to finish them.

That said, no character should be build around avoid the fray.

My Suggestions:

Give us a helix to charge and move faster with Charged punch.
Make pouce Knock people up, not back.
Make Hedronic arc more than just silly damage. Helix: 1. Enemies hit by hedronic arc suffer 30% precision/ 30% damage dealt penalty.
Let Attikus keep his charge after death.

I’ve been ‘that Attikus’ who shows up in games and heavily relies on team co-ordination.
Just earlier a game was decided by the reactions/lackof to a single pounce.

I see enemy Thorn nearby surrounded by awkward terrain, and pounce.
Stunned directly in front of me!
Punch punch punch punch.
Thorn’s team reacts instantly, my team has no idea what’s going on.

Game snowballs from there.

Basically, every game where a team has had miracle-levels of awareness have been fun as hell as Attikus.
Any game where people aren’t performing miracles, one pounce and I’m either dead or running.
I’ll still do it anyway, because it’s fun, and sometimes even without the team I’ll get those snowballs myself.

So yeah, he needs some kind of early-game/helix/charges love so he doesn’t need the entire team babysitting him at the start.

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What about give him alternatives to charge his hidronic collector other than kill minions (and get team-targeted by the enemy team). For instance, make it a gauge, and allow Attikus to collect partially from minions killed by others. Activating a skill consume X hedronic power.

Hidronic collector: collect charges up to 100.

Pounce might consume 30 charges to deal 100 extra damage to enemies Shields.
Hedronic Arc might consume 30 charges to increase it damage by 30%.

Just options.

When I played Attikus in Echelon for his achievement, I mostly played him as a “jungler”. I’d spend a lot of time on merc camps, collecting crystals, and sometimes helping with minion waves. Once I hit level 5 then I would try and gank with a fully charged ult from the merc camp I just cleared(especially to swing a 1v2 or to turn a 2v2 into a definite win) before going back to farming. I wouldn’t say he is amazing or anything but he is playable in my nub bracket.

I really wish that if you want to engage in combat with a full charge you can’t use Pounce, I mean the pounce charge bonus is often worthless on its own. Rather than being able to pounce in and make good use of charges you instead either have to be a fairly slow massive target without any damage reduction running into the fight as every ranged character fires at you OR do some extra shield damage which if the enemy is already engaged may be worthless and is definitely worthless against Eldrid.

Also I want to echo that the whole charge thing needs work. In PvE charges are easy to acquire, in PvP not so much as a lot of fighting is done around the minions and Attikus is such an easy target for the enemy, not to mention you’ll lose all stacks until you pick the efficiency mutation and that when killed you have to start again. Even then if you overcome all that to get a full 5 stack charge the benefit to most abilities is pitiful, as said before shield damage on pounce being often worthless and the shock damage from Hedronic Arc is low so it spreading doesn’t contribute much. The knockup ability of the Ult is definitely worth it though, but as mentioned it you need to get within range as a massive target without using pounce.

The fact that the charges can give you a passive bonus like shield penetration when maxed and hp regen through helix choices can discourage the usage of skills (excepting the ult) when the ‘benefit’ if minor.

Possible solutions would need to make charges easier to acquire and/or buff Attikus’ skills and the full charge bonuses.

2 quick examples:

  • Keep the benefits from the charges as weak as they are and make it so charges are gained from successful melee hits, as really they aren’t worth the expenditure so the acquisition should be easier.

  • Buff Attikus’ skills bonus so HA does noticeable damage and lowers def, and that charged pounced enemies get HA applied to them. Basically anything to make the charges worth it. Maybe also make charges based on damage dealt so the more you fight even if you don’t kill you still charge.

Something crazy I thought of. During Hedronic Arc, Attikus is immune to CC. He’s an electrified, raging demon-ish bro that was a pit fighting champ. If he’s charged, nothing should stop him so easily.

Maybe require charges (Which need reworking) or a helix, but it would make him amazing at disruption and brawling. He’d be as terrifying as he looks.

And for God’s sake, charged hook. Just, something more. Just spit balling, but maybe tie the number of charges to the charge time of the punch. I mean, he’s putting electricity in the hook, right? So more charges should mean less charging required, or add some passive to make the next hook an automatic full charge. Perhaps a number of normal attacks will automatically charge the hook, and the more charges you have, the quicker you can hook at full potential.

He’s a fun character, but he’s too late game so many abilities of his conflict.

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