PLEASE buff some of these anointeds AND FIX THE ANOINT LOOT POOL!

Look ever since you taken away and added some annointeds in the game the loot pool has been nothin much but the same.

The anointeds that are good has always remain the most picked for most builds and the ones that were good on paper but bad in action were thrown away…

For example one anointeds makes it so you constantly create novas while wielding the weapon and that’s nova anointed that can only be rolled on a weapon. This on paper sounds cool and fun to play with but like in action the damage it does is so lackluster that the only reason I’d see this used is for possibly utility OR to combine another nova with it like for example another anointed makes it so while phasegrasp is active you create novas. Although anointed alone is actually strong enough without it. (Also a long while novas were buffed but somehow that anointed wasn’t? That was a missed chance to improve this anointed as well.)

Another anointed that needs a SERIOUS buff is the killing anointed killing an enemy increases your gun damage and reload speed by 5% for 25 seconds (This effect stacks). Now this one has really great things going for it. Those bonuses apply to all your weapons that you have equipped and it decays overtime so you don’t lose the buff altogether after 25 seconds. The problem with this anointed is it doesn’t keep up well against it’s competition at all. In fact many other damage bonus anointeds do that job better. If this one is to be an option the damage bonus needs to be higher. It should be 10% or 15% heck even 20% so that it can be possibly a worthwhile option to choose from. The damage is just too low right now for it to be viable in a long run UNLESS you possibly stack it with something else but even then there are just too many way better options.

Lastly I wanna bring up is the annointed loot pool. While I’m always happy to see new ones come in I would hope those new ones are actually worthwhile ones to use. Most of them seem just a bit eh. Like “While Iron cub is active your weapon does 100 more damage”
Seems pointless to add when we have literally the same exact anointed but better basically it’s “While action active your weapon gains 200% increased damage.” Might I add this one is also universal! Meaning useful for all characters who have action skill active abilities. The Iron cub specific one is not.

Plus all these other anointeds just seem a bit more frustrating to go through when trying to farm for a specific one and we don’t have a reroll system in this game for our gear’s parts or a reroll anointed system so this just makes it even worse to deal with.

Like I said I like when new anointeds come into the game but not when they’re a worse version of whatever that already exist. I much rather just keep the anointed loot pool small in that case. I also thought about this why not combine these with other anointeds? Why not combine phaseslam increases weapon damage with all phaseslam related action skills deal increased damage? That would not only be new but refresh our loot pool in a way.

There’s just way better ways this could of been handled. Clouding up the loot pool with anointeds that are either not so good or less version of the counterpart with the same purpose just seems to be the wrong move. (Also note action skill active goes away when you switch weapons or don’t have it out while action skill active. Same for most of these new ones.) Kinda wish this was changed regardless if these new ones came in or not.

How’s everyone else feeling about these new anointeds? How’s farming for everyone? How do you feel about the added anointeds?

the way you farm and how big loot pool is item wise is mess in itself also for console player’s you spend more time on load screen then actual boss fights, though to add onto the too many items chance then you have thing of if you certain anointment for certain said item which makes farming even more hassle then its worth.
but yeah in nutshell farming on bl3 is quite hassle and i can see why people stopped farming and took other route to items instead and why trading items now on bl3 has also dropped alot since release.


Everything you said are issues with the game since launch that people have been complaining non stop and GBX just doesn’t do anything, honestly you shouldn’t expect any fix for these things.

I may be mistaken, but I think the 100% and the 200% anointments are actually the same amount, it is just inconsistency phrasing (that the game has a lot, which is another issue that people complain since the beginning and it is never addressed)

The anointment polution was always a concern and again will not be fixed, they could have added 1000 different anointments if they were all just minor bonuses, but having really OP anointments added in a pool with crap ones was just stupid.


RIP! I’ve seen them try to fix it but then they turn around and add more anoints to the loot pool out of nowhere every time.

Sadly you are correct. I just keep wishing something was done about it to fix the problem. WISHFUL THINKING T_T

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Console loads times are just so…painful. T_T Literally one of the fastest things to get me to change my mind on farming.

Kinda wish they’d add a way to just respawn bosses as well without reloading up my game.

Honestly if there was a reroll anoint or part system in this game I wouldn’t even mind the load times or some painful farms.

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there was a topic a while back where we discussed about anointments and how they completely broke the game.
It was a general consensus that GBX should rebalance the game forgetting about them (now they have to balance with the 100% anointment in mind), and completely remove anointments or just nerf them to the ground, with the last option, if every anointment is minor, everything is usable.
For example, instead of buffing all the damage anointments and breaking even further the game, nerf the 100% anointment to 10-15% and soon the 25% fire rate is welcomed (of course rebalancing the enemies or weapons so the 100% is no longer needed).


Oooooo. I thought something like this would work buuuut…then I thought most likely a lot of people wouldn’t like feeling “nerfed” so I simply throw that possibility of something like this happening out the window.

However if they did this then I see power creep wouldn’t be an extreme big issue anymore honestly. Though they would still probably have to remove the 300% damage to enemies above 90% anoint no doubt. That’s so busted I don’t see any proper way to balance lol

PLUS (I MISS THE FIRE RATE ACTION SKILL END ANOINT) when they took that away before I could even give it a chance I was let down. I also would of loved to even see that get a slight buff honestly.

People were pretty okay with this proposition, of course assuming they nerfed the enemies or buffed the weapons so we didn’t need to use the 100% damage to be able to kill something (because for right now, you just don’t do damage without these kind of anointments).

The 300% is actually not that powerful since they patched it, before armor and shield didn’t count as health, this anointment actually are only good with snipers and rpgs, weapons that are usually expected to do hit kill.

The anointment that really would be removed is the 1% per hit, because the number is already low (1%), but it is easy to stack and with the right build you can get it up to 100% in less than 3 seconds, right now it is bad only because the others are way better.
But in exchange to losing one anointment, 100 more would be usable, and they could even add anointments that are not dps focused and they would be usable, for example higher jump, health pool, ammo regen, element change…


I LOVE IT! This sounds way more better than what we got now.

If they did this so many creative anoints can come out and be fun as well as different. Ooooh like an anoint that gives fire rate upon each kill…OH MY I WANT THAT TO BE A THING!

I would be 100% okay with them nerfing all our damage anoints for better balancing and variety because anoints is literally makes a gun good now and that kinda sucks. I mean Bearcat is bad on it’s on own but once I got the low health radiation anoint on it that’s when it actually felt good. Hate that honestly a legendary should be able to stand on it’s own two legs…no a weapon in general should be able to stand on it’s own two legs…hehe Tediore…JOKES ASIDE LOVE IT!

T_T now if only Gearbox makes this happen.

Also you just save me time on farming because I was farming for critical thug for the 300% anoint (TOTALLY NOT SO I CAN JUST GO ONE SHOT ENEMIES WITH MY ACTION SKILL IN MY BUILD COUGH COUGH)

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It was a really fun topic, people came with some good ideas for anointments, one that I found extremely interesting was the 100% element damage be replaced by 100% element change, that way it doesn’t give the OP damage bonus but you can get element damage on jakobs, torgue, change weapons with fixed element, like the reflux but giving fire damage instead.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any hope that GBX will change the game by that much anymore, we’ll probably only get minor balance buffs and nerfs (that does nothing to solve the real issues) and maybe one more takedown.


T_T we’ll have to see in 2021 what they got planned.

I still wanna see an anoint reroll system because that would be a quality of life update in my eyes. (IF NOTHING ELSE)

(Wishful thinking)
I wonder if they plan to remove our powerful anoints we still use today from the loot pool when they increase level cap again. That would be an interesting change yet…weird.

These arent the same amount; atleast in the case of “moze/IC active”. While the 200% is additive to all other weapon damage modifiers, the 100% while cub active is actually adding the weapon card value on top of the end equation. Each time ive tested them IC version came out on top

  • it does net an even greater gain to a facepuncher setup than most other choices aswell
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So the 100% Iron cub anoint is technically better than the action skill active anoint?

From my findings, yes.
But i should note i dont use a meta build; if one has little to no weapon damage through the trees (for w/e reason…)the 200% would be better

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Same here. Not into meta builds so ayyyye :smiley: as for that information though.


Right now they need to add reroll anoints , this is just a pain to get what you wan’t and i still don’t understand how people can find the strength to farm lol , it’s impossible ! Reroll anoints first and after a big patch to fix anoints , what to remove / Buff / Nerf and please stop adding new anoints for now this is not the priority , thank you , i hope for 2021 for the DEV to work hard and make the good decision , just listen the comunity and maybe get you’re own idea , the comunity and DEV’s need to work together for the game , BL3 have such a good potentiel

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Honestly agreeable. Even if they remove some anoints that wouldn’t fix the problem entirely(Especially when they’ll add new ones in again eventually) Reroll should be a higher priority before removing , nerfing, and or buffing. T_T

Well, if you are on pc, you can reroll… can’t say much or the comment will be removed lol.

Wait. You can reroll on pc?


Since the latest Annoint increase, I’ve been stuck playing with the gear I had prior.

Arms Race is just a Salt Mine now.

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