Please buff Tasers

Tasers are fun for the first 10 levels or so, but after that they basically become useless. At level 50, I’m getting Tasers that do 150 damage per second for 7 seconds, which is basically the exact same damage as an ORDINARY shot, except with added swap time too.

Sure, they damage enemies around that enemy, but at best that takes it up to the equivalent of, what, 3 shots? 4?

It would be nice if their damage scaling were improved so their level 50 damage went up like 200%. That way they’d at least be worth swapping to for shields, even if they’re still not awesome.


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I could see a slight increase, but I think the idea is to just use it to break an enemy’s shield, then finish them off.

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True, but right now they don’t do NEARLY enough damage to even do that. Just try it out on Mayhem 3, let alone 4, and you’ll see it barely even tickle enemy shield bars, to the point it’s not even worth swapping to.


yah i dont bother in ANY lvl of mayhem. they need a buff at least to other underbarrels. every other one is WAY more useful and I swap to them every chance i get