Please buff the Lucian's Call!

That’s all… Just wanted to put that out there… It’s my favorite gun… Or will be again once it’s viable.


Every time I find a perfect parts, perfect noint… Mind you these are M10 scoring 794 or something new crazy top number (they zip to the top when you sort via 'Rarity ')…

Every field test, 20 variants since Broken Hearts Day and its just not strong enough, latest one I had today;

lvl 60 500% element explode on crit but it was cryo at 115% and the base damage doesn’t tickle anything, Nor do micro nades that pop from hits with that Lucian. It couldn’t roll any stronger than what I had.


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I’d like the same for the Shredifier…

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Or anything that is vladof not named monarch or light show and sickle


Agreed, it really needs some help.
I mean, GBX have said that they are gonna be looking at Vladof ARs in the next patch, but I think the issue is, they don’t want to put out a general buff for Vladof ARs because then they’d also have to nerf the Monarch and Dictator in return.

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monarch and dictato do not even go into same sentence monarch is 2.5 times ahead if i member correctly

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