Please buy my game back

Gearbox, I am not happy with my purchase. You guys obviously released a game without being done with it, and are spending your resources on dlc’s and events instead of fixing the huge problems in the game. I am currently deleting the game, I would like my money back, because you sold me something incomplete that is
not enjoyable.

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You will have to contact the place you purchased it through if you want a refund.


This seems to be common misconception. They have folks who can fix bugs fixing bugs, and folks who can deploy events deploying events. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

gearbox is at fault for ruining the product after sale NOT the retailer!

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But they bought it through the retailer… the retailer has their money, not Gearbox. I wouldn’t buy a car from a lot, and try to return it at the factory…

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how do you people not understand these factory comparisons dont equate.
you buy a truck from chevy dealer. chevy factory comes to your house, takes the wheels and paints it a different color in your driveway. THAT is what is happening. THAT is not the retailers fault.

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This game not have many thing is other game have. and its have manything is other game not have and not able to do it.
I still happy to play this game and enjoy it as my main shooting game. even I have many world to go back and they really happy to see me back couz some game I paid more than 1000 $ in they cash shop .

Well, the retailers have his money.

But your contract is with the retailer, not the manufacturer. You paid the retailer so you have to get redress from them. They in turn can try to get it from the manufacturer.

What the above post said is pretty much right, retailer is where you go for refunds.

Answer to the OP’s question about a refund has been answered. Anything else is repeating or off topic.