PLEASE can somebody help me

I am a 71 year old trying to decifer 2K Supports less than helpful response to my problems. Two issues are confusing me at present:

  1. 2K support says “do a quick cache clean”. But the explanation only says go to Steam to verify the cache. This is not clearing it , or is it? Do I need to go to Windows and delete the cache?

  2. 2K Support says “try a clean and complete reinstall of the game” and " don’t forget to backup your files before uninstalling !" But 2K’s explanation only shows how to uninstall the game. What files do I need to back up? Where will I find them? To re-install the game do I have to buy it again? If I can re-install the game it will presumably be right back at the beginning. Will the backed up files return me to level 65? if so how is this done?

fyi the support are not developers, there are just here to filter the reports before submitting them to the actual bug fix team.In order to filter tickets support runs a standard procedure , for any bug report they will invariably run you through the clear cache /reinstall game routine. However if you are sure of your issue nothing obligates you to go through that ordeal, you can just answer you tried and it does not solve your problem.

If you wish to go through:

Uninstalling the game in steam normally keep your save game intact, unless you explicitly states to remove all files. However, you can back them up for more safety: here where to find them,string%20of%20numbers%20and%20letters).

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i just got this exact reply now from gearbox support,it seems a bit odd that i have to do that for the skins,still i’ve done that prior the opening of the ticket (didn’t work),the only problem is how do i send proof of the purchase of the super deluxe edition…i buy it day one on epic and i clearly don’t have the mail anymore…and the worst part that now on the store the super deluxe edition is unaviable so the box were it was written “owned” is replaced by unaviable lol