Please change mission intro video

During the last PC Open Beta, the missions had a wonderful and atmospheric intro video after the character selection.
You can see it here:

This has been changed to a short comic cinematic full of explosions and blindingly bright flashes, which:

  • causes headache and slight disorientation to me when I am playing late and am tired
  • is simply super annoying, I always look away from the screen, as I can’t stand the flashing
  • is way worse than the previously shown one from the open beta.

The one shown above has multiple advantages:

  • it looks super polished and more like a real movie intro.
  • it has a much more subtle color tone with more color variety, so it doesn’t get boring as the purely red one does.
  • it features most, if not all the characters.
  • it matches the music better.

PLEASE change this cinematic back to the one from the video above, or at least allow to select it as an option.
I loved the atmosphere it gave and how it was setting the scene for the match. Also, I can’t stand the current comic animation and it is unskippable and shown. every. time.

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Agree here maybe they can make it like sometimes you get one or the other that would be nice

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it does get a little stale pretty quickly… but i like the idea of mixing it up abit :slight_smile:

Personally I like the new one better… I didn’t play the beta but all the opening of the video you show has like a a group of characters with quick pretty gameplay looking cinematic do almost nothing but run forward in a flash… arguably the anime style one doesn’t have a huge amount going on but personally I find it more stylish then random griddy pixelated scenes shown at first of your video… eye of the beholder I guess. it would be fine if they added both but it’s kind of a odd thing to have issues with of all the things.

I agree about it sucks compared to the old one, seems odd that the finished game is lower quality than the beta to me.

But seriously, do you have to be so dramatic? Sounds like you could have epilepsy, you should get that checked out, if you do have it then you probably shouldn’t be playing video games with flashing images at all let alone late at night.