Please change the situational Lore requirements

I’m generally ok with the lore requirements, but some of them are entirely too situational and have nothing to do with how well I can actually play my chosen character. Prime examples include Boldur’s “Play with an all Eldrid team” challenge or Galilae’s “Kill Ambra 25 times” challenge.

These are poorly thought out and frustrating things to achieve. If these were purely for lore, I’d probably be ok with it, but since they bestow a unique and powerful item to the character in question, it needs to change. They really have no business as “challenges” and should be replaced with things that actually require the player to play their character, and not hunt for a silly easter egg.


holy… all eldrid team? I didn’t know that ^^

I have completed 2 lores now (Marquis, Miko) with 2 more in the spots (Oscar, Deande). The remaining require characters to be played with, but not 4 others simultaneously. Ridiculously hard, unless you have 4 totally selfless friends I guess…


F*CK yes please - I’m so sick of some of these REALLY DUMB ones.

The “play with X player” ones are bad enough (and also inconsistent - sometimes you also have to “win” as well, like with Thorn’s), but there are worse ones…

I still hold Thorn up as probably THE worst one. You have to:

  • Play on a team with Boldur 5 times AND WIN.
  • Complete “The Archive” on COUGH* ADVANCED difficulty WITHOUT LOSING ANY LIVES!
  • Kill 20 players with Volley WHILE AIRBORNE!

…I’m also SO SICK of all the sh*tty-ass challenges that can ONLY be completed in PVP - some of us DO NOT like PVP ya know Gearbox… T_T


You cznt die on advance anyway or you lose in solo if not solo it doesnt effect you if team mates die.
You have to remeber this is a team game next you will be complaining you cant get all the acheminement because some need team work acheminements. The only lore challege i have a problem with is tody has his ult is reall weak.

Ive completed thorns , it wasnt too bad. Killing 20 players with volley was a lot easier then I thought.
If you can get a friend to help you take people down and leave them for you to finish them off its easy.

I would say Tobys worse then that. Getting 10 double kills with his ultimate.

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Sadly I have only one friend who plays Battleborn, and he is almost always working as well these days…

Also: HOW THE HELL did you complete “The Archive” on ADVANCED with a silver rating and no lost lives??? It’s hard enough to complete the damn thing on NORMAL - the Sentry gets SHREDDED so fast!

Is this another one of those “do it solo - it’s SO much easier” things? :X

Shameless self-promotion, did it with Marquis + Ambra.

Well you only need to complete the archive on advanced without dying, you dont need to get a silver so just play it safe and keep alive.

I did it as Thorn and my friend was ISIC.

As for getting silver though my tips would be always build thumper turrets. Except when your escorting the little robots. The longer you leave the anchors that spawn enemies the more kills you can get so you get more score. Also grab all the chests you can and be sure to pick up any score orbs that drop from bosses and special chests.

The first time I played archive I finished it Solo Advanced with Thorn. Didn’t even know of the Lore challenge.

But I would definitely say that solo is easier! The more players, the more elite enemies spawn. It’s really fun in the Raid Type missions, but I guess no one double checked what happens with a five man team in escort/defend missions, even on Normal…

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I honestly don’t even mind the PvP ones, as long as they are about using a skill, and not a random character matchup or something ridiculous like headshotting 2 players with one bullet or something.

But some of them are just aggravating…

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I have 12/25 kills against Oscar Mike with Whiskey. It’s taken me like 40 games just to get to 12.

That is so messed up. These challenges are stupid.

At this point, it’s a pride issue. I have to get 25 lol

At least you are fortunate that Oscar Mike is a very popular character. The Ambra hunt looks like a nightmare. Or the Boldur 5 Eldrid thing which is essentially impossible without friends.

I must be misremembering the silver part then.

Also I ONLY build Thumper turrets in Story Missions lol - anything else is a waste imo (just as any trap other than the fire ones is a waste).

I don’t know why people keep building Stinger and Shock turrets in Story Missions - Thumpers are king there, with their long range and LARGE amounts of splash damage! n.nU

I build all kinds of turrets and traps for the challenges :wink:
Also you could not believe how useful Temporal traps are. They are much better than Inferno ones, which are only useful against low health enemies.

“Delay” vs. “kill/damage”? Meh.

I certainly don’t build anything else during those dumbass “King of the Hill” phases, as “delay” doesn’t really help when you are on the other side of the map trying to hold back a different wave of enemies from reaching your defend point… >_<

The maps where traps are useful at all aren’t usually that large. Mixing Temporal Traps (More accurately a slow effect, meaning enemies move and attack slower) and Inferno Traps is ideal.

But this is pretty off topic so lets leave it at that.