Please clean Up Multiplayer cheater before starting Takedown at Maliwan's Blacksite

With the assumption,I’m not English-speaking countries. sory.
Public Matchmaking in Asia thrive of Chinese cherter.
They use
about 200% acceleration cheat.( include near by other player.)
about 3000% up damage Wepon cheat.
100% legendary drop cheat.
Use Illegal modification item.(For example 10 division and rain Hex.)

We can’t play normal Public Matchmaking game now.
Please Clean up Public Matchmaking before starting Takedown at Maliwan’s Blacksite.

For example…
It’s hard to say this, but

Region Lock China.

Trust me, the majority of the cheaters aren’t necessarily from China.

Borderlands has a long and storied history of being highly… moddable, and there’s a huge community that continues to play and buy it because it is so easy to customize and hack. Just troll across youtube for Borderlands 2 glitch/hack videos and you’ll see a diverse variety of people from all around the world.

A good many stay offline or just do it with their friends, but the ones that do go into public online games are big jerks. Unfortunately, as long as the game has local saves and is playable offline, it is impossible to stop (although GB could probably have better online validation checks in multiplayer).


China does have a very strong “cheat culture” in online games. They are everywhere (although less so on consoles) though, but it would likely affect Asian markets a lot more than the Western ones. The OP is likely in that region and getting flooded.

On an aside, just how bad is it on the PC? I don’t see anyone complaing about it that isn’t mentioning China.

Wow, I take it you are one of the many newcomers to the series huh? These games are literally built around cheating, as in exploits cooked right into the engine. Plus a huge modding community. It ain’t China dude.


Oh, that’s very true.

What I’m saying is that Borderlands itself has a very strong “cheat culture”, period. China may or may not be contributing, but it’s not the majority in this game, I guarantee.

Also, he’s asking for China to be region locked. If he’s in China, then that’s just gonna trap him with them. If he’s not in China, he’s going to be very disappointed that the cheaters don’t disappear.

It’s very Sad but they use Traditional Chinese font in thier name.
Even me don’t want to say their country name. but they gather collect evidence on their own.

I met about 25 cheater in 10 multiplay in asia.
At the rate of 83%

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I’m assuming that the poster is not in China and likely in either, Japan, Korea or eastern Russia.

Cheats are everywhere, but in Japan & Korea it is fairly frowned upon.

If you don’t mind, where are you from?

I remember a time during Borderlands2 when modded mega weapons were distributed in online coop games crashing clients and corrupting save files. I have never played with complete strangers for this very reason but only coop with people I know.

I am sorry this isnt a solution but who you play with is your decision meaning if you notice people cheating you can exit or kick them (depending on whos hosting) and blackmark them to not run into them again. That is…if you simply dont want to play with cheaters because the effects you describe would simply result in very fast clear-rates which bvenefits you.

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I from Japan.
I don’t never want to Discrimination of country.
But their name…Tradicional chinese font.
Cheater exist all countrys, i know.
China is huge population county , I konw.
But are they TOOOO many cheater???

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That’s a horrible way to look at things mate. Practical, sure, but horrible.

Over 80% of their games. That’s the ratio the op is working with. At that point, the OP would be reporting and blacklisting so many people that it’s no longer a game but a second job.

Or, it’s a boring waste of their time and they can’t get better because everything is being cleared before they can do anything.

You know, gearbox should include smarter matchmaking.

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I thought so (from your username) but didn’t want to assume.

You may want to consider setting up a post here looking for people to play with.

Put down the times you play, and the platform (PC I’m guessing) and I’m sure you will find plenty of people that will be happy to team up. Most of us here are very anti-cheat.

Maliwan take down recommend mulchplay by Gear box.
And Gear box say Public Matchmaking is possible.
Borderlands is Not so popular in my county.
We have to play Public Matchmaking.

many many Thank you.
I Consider your opinion!

That’s ok, you are going to fix that right :wink:

By this time next year you are going to make it as popular as street fighter :blush:

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Yah I would call it safe but sure, dont see the “horrible” side in this to be honest. I m playing online games for nearly 3 decades now and the community has shifted considerably where its a risk to freely engage with strangers rather then the social encirchment that it used to be. Do I miss out on interesting people this way? You bet, still its an educated decision and what I do personally has no impact on you so please dont judge?

If its indeed 80% who are cheating that should tell you volumes about the community involved. Tho the OP doesnt provide any statistics about frequency, did you get that 80% from a tell or whats your source? I mean if 80% of the community would cheat then I would personally not bother to play online matches in the first place but thats me. If its just the occasional cheater tho the provided tools work as intended.

I m not saying its great. But his “cannot play” statement threw me a bit off because that suggests he is in some kind hindered or impaired which is not the case in a coop game.

Absolutely, improvements are always welcome. Do I personally see the “need” for this direction of resources and effort? No but then I also dont have these problems due to my “horrible” attitude.

Btw are you in any kind related or friends with the OP? Because you seem to be very familiar with what ne “means” when you answer for him in absolutes. Just curious :slight_smile:

Ohh, No judgement, just a terrible, if practical, way (imo) to play. FYI I’m an old fart myself, started taking with that handheld football game.

The OP. They actually said 83%.

It’s likely a result of their region and who they are matched with. The OP is in Japan, a country not known for FPS popularity. They are likely getting paired up with a lot of Chinese as, well, FPS games are more popular, but it can also be a job.

Sure it can, you yourself have ruled out playing with unknowns because of it 7 years ago.

Ahh, I see what you did there… Slight clap back. Tell me though, don’t you feel it would be better if you were posted up with people of similar gear level as your own?

Thanks to the instances looting and scaling we don’t need to be the same level (awesome) but gear is another matter.

Nope never met the individual until these posts. Just took context clues, made educated guesses, asked questions for clarification, and posted my responses.

Here was my thought process:
Figured the region from the Chinese cheaters, ruled out Oz & India from the difficulty with English, leaned towards Japan and Korea from the anti-cheat & desire to region lock China (which ruled out China), and leaned towards Japan because of the name (but didn’t want to assume).

Personally, I’d like to see more American games succeed in Japan, and I also like helping out with what little I can.

It won’t happen. Even a company with the resources of Blizzard runs into trouble with cheaters. It is a constant struggle and requires a company to commit a lot into it. GB has much less resources and I’d rather see them put their effort in making the game fun and rewarding for honest players.

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Ah I replied to the original post, thanks for hinting that out.

Not because they made me complete content faster tho. My reasons for avoiding strangers on the internet are vastly different to the ones the OP provides thus my bewilderment.

Thought so :slight_smile: Nothing else to say here

I ve been in asia several times for more then just vacation and I d say thats an impossible task with how different cultures are. You can have american products succeed in Japan but thats only if the product is designed for the japanese market. And vice versa. There are a lot of elements in both camps who are simply not tolerated or disliked by the other.

I meet x440to220x for the first time this topic.
May be My mind is Typical japanese and korian.
He also say