Please close topic. Theyve fixed stuff

all drops will most likely get a source if they keep this direction going
i mean, empowered grawn is already more or less the farming source

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Some of you really need to chill, jeez lmao. Try yoga or a cup of tea. Last time I saw people calling others out by telling them they live on someone’s basement was on Youtube and on 4Chan. Definitely not something I’d expect here x)


bideogames are some peoples yoga

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A gentle reminder that insulting other players is against the FORUM RULES. If you see a problem, flag it and move on. Ta muchly.

You are not the only one. A lot of us bought BL3 based on the first three entries in the series and needless to say with BL3 things have not gone as planned. Thankfully since this game continues to have day 1 issues since its release I saved my money and put it elsewhere in other companies products. Shame though because honestly there are things I like about BL3 for sure and given my past purchase history with GBX product I certainly supported the company but this time around it has been a learning lesson.


Not to be a dick or anything but they are not more meaningful as they are the exact same legendaries. Just less of them so it takes a lot more time to get the meaningful legendaries - as in well rolled legendaries.

Again, not to be mean but … What a terrible waste of time. My time on earth is limited and I like it being valued. Give me what I need to put together the builds, however niche they are, to play with.
Playing builds is fun, not farming for them. At least in my book.
If I wanted bragging rights, I would have enough stuff in real life to brag about. But this is Entertainment not work …
Sorry for venting but it drives me mad.


I still think there is something fishy and the patch is not working the same for all people

I just did a solo takedown m11( not a even a true takedown)
Wotan dropped:
2 redistributors
1 kyb
1 Tigg
1 pain is power
1 gatling gun
So both dedicated and WD

Anecdoctical evidence but pretty much all sessions have some legendary drops, I play only m11

But Wotan has 7 lootsplosions. With the rng in this game, try to get a decent R4kk Pak from him. It’ll drive you mad :frowning:

Even before the patch I had very rarely seen him drop a rakk pack

I was too specific here, I give you that. What I meant was: from 7 lootsplosions, in an endgame activity, with this crazy variance in gear we need like 50 drops to get at least something for our efforts. IMO, at least.

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Well I see your point though it is debatable whether the reroll system is enough or not to compensate.

Still what bothers me is the difference in experience between people who seemingly have not a single legendary drop in a reasonable time frame and people like me who gets fewer drops than pre patch but still have them.

Gb should give the actual figures for drop rates and at least check what the last patch really does. It is not the first time that a patch don t do what it is supposed to and/or variable bug behavior.

The potential difference is sth that only Gbx can check with data and address that.
Reroll machine OTOH won’t help with coms and artifacts.

Personally it does not bother me too much because I think you can still make most builds work even with an imperfect com or artefact whereas it is a lot harder with the wrong anoint, so I feel having the perfect com/artefact is more the cherry on top that your bread and butter. Only perfect com and artefacts I own are from trading they were for melee (very artefact hungry) and one for a peculiar build.

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Same on my end.

Wotan always drops 6-8 legendaries if I destroy the legs with at least a dedicated drop or two. Scourge, Anathema and Hermi are the ones that only drop 1-2 leggos for the most part.

The number of people complaining about this was absolutely tiny. Gearbox has no ability to recognize the good ideas from the bad is their problem.

Well said.


I have never seen a company so incapable of not screwing something up with every new idea. It is absolutely astounding. This game was in a pretty good place last March right before the release of Mayhem 2.0, and since then it is just one head scratching idea after another. As soon as they announced the re-roll machine, which so many people (including myself) have asked for to fix the anointment issue, I said to myself “somehow, some way, they are gonna screw this up,” and sure enough they do, just like clockwork. All they had to do was just add a re-roll machine (and make it actually affordable, 250 Eridium for people that only play once and a while is ridiculous and totally missing the point), that’s all they had to do; and yet they just couldn’t do it without jacking something else up. The drop rate nerf completely eliminates the reward for playing on the highest Mayhem Modes and misses the entire point of what most people wanted.

If this wasn’t a guaranteed thing to happen with every patch, I’d say my mind is blown.

Seriously, at this point let someone else fix the game. It is wildly obvious that the task is beyond their development team’s capabilities; just as it was for BL2. BL2 thankfully had the UCP come along and solve so many of it’s issues, but only for PC players sadly.


There were a group of people complaining of no legendary drops over an extended period before this. Very weird, as that was never my experience. But with enough people playing and everything being random, certainly not inconceivable.

Thing is, that wouldn’t help. Case in point: when named boss designated drop rates were adjusted to 10% in BL2. That doesn’t mean you get 1 drop exactly every 10 tries - you could actually go 2o or 30 runs with nothing, then get three in a row.

So if GBX were to come out and say that the world drop chance (which is what it really is, not rate) had been changed to oh say 5%, you’d still see variation in observed drop rates between players and even between sessions for the same player.

Having drop chances instead of fixed drop rates pretty much guarantees a wide range of outcomes, unless the drop chance is made extremely high. That’s just the way the statistics of random drops works out.

(And just to be clear: when players talk about the drop rate they see, that is a statistical sample of the outcomes they could have observed given the drop chance; GBX sets the chance, not the rate.)


I have absolutely no idea why you are being downvoted.