Please, consider bringing the Grinder from TPS back

It would give the players a reason to use money and Eridium, once they bought all SDUs and stuff from Earl, plus it would give an use for white items.

I don’t get why Gearbox increased the money cap in this game in comparision to BL2, when there’s no reason to have 10mil+ money at all…

Sure, they’ll probably increase the cap of all SDUs later, but even so, after you buy the new upgrades, money will remain useless like it already is on the base game.


No thanks. The grinder removes the fun of farming in most cases. I am absolutely against this idea and I hope you’re in the minority.


Dear God no the grinder was terribad

Hopefully the have something planned in the DLC to use chedder and rock on.

The grinder is ok for me

Just because he disagrees with you, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

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I also enjoyed the grinder. If someone doesn’t like the grinder, I feel that they don’t have to use it. I don’t think it’s a big deal if it’s in the game and you don’t like using it. It’s just like any other thing in the game where someone in your game can end up spending a lot of time at it when you’re trying to travel. Bank, inventory, shops, slots.

I suppose if you’re cheating (by duping items or something) you can probably setup an infinite item grind and ruin your own fun. But playing normally it shouldn’t be a problem.

Talk about the game, not others please

Personally, the grinder wasn’t a horrible idea in TPS, but I don’t think the grinder should return in BL3.

Are we ever going to get a Grinder in this game?

I’d love to see the concept attached to a Boss that handed out missions that had to be completed to allow ONE use of his machine, (each time you completed his requirements). It would be super expensive as well in cash and eridium and the number and type of SPECIFIC weapons you had to put into it to get a KNOWN result.

Let the insults begin :slight_smile:


To appease those that worry about balance, maybe it could be random, if it truly has to be. Requirements for parts could be that it is the same company, gun type (like a Kat or Masher), and the same level, so it takes time to find it, and then to place it.


Just add the same mechanic from TPS and it’ll be good.


No please.

But why? You prefer to sell unneeded guns and equipment?

It was an interesting idea but I found I could put awesome gear in and get stuff that was less than the sum of the best parts and I think that’s wrong.

There needs to be some predictability in it but not a predetermined outcome.

I’d even love to see that you could get a certain ranked group of guns and only get the best one if you can complete another challenge.

A LOT could be done with the idea.

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I don’t understand people that say no, you don’t have to do it at all, just kill Gravewad another 500 hundred times if you prefer, or let you have a Grinder turn every 100 kills :slight_smile:


I would say it needs to be improved, greatly. I waisted too many good guns hoping to get something good in return. I would settle even for a reroll feature, if that’s as far as they would be willing to go.


Agreed. Consistency like put in three guns of same manufacturer, type, & rarity = get same type, manufacturer, and higher rarity, guaranteed. Otherwise I found it too much of a pain for farming and only good for gambling with unneeded weapons, and I personally almost never gamble.


Plus a decent cost of eridium, for it being higher rarity. And eridium in general having its drop rates lowered for this reason.


I’d love one! :grinning: I liked the fun “randomness” of something like the grinder from TPS, or the sacrifice table from Tiny Tinas DLC.

Side note: Soooooooo many of my guns and gear got sacrificed in Tiny Tinas praying for that one badass wizard for the ×4 MM😂 Man… the rng gods were brutal to me in that DLC😢