Please Consider Casting Troy Baker as Rhys Again

I just learned that Troy Baker will not be returning as Rhys for Borderlands 3. According to the information I was able to find (SupMatto video and Twitter) this is not due to scheduling conflicts or bad blood between him and the studio, in fact Randy Pitchford said on Twitter that he was happy Troy voiced Sgt. Baker in 3 of the Brothers in Arms games at the start of his career. So why the heck isn’t he returning as Rhys then?? Troy IS Rhys and he has stated that he greatly enjoys playing the character! Please reconsider your decision to not recast him for seemingly no reason! I know everyone who played Tales feels the same way.

Still very excited for Borderlands 3!


You heard wrong. They wanted him back, he was the last of the VA’s they needed.


Really? Dang I hope you’re right then! Are you saying he will be returning or that they reached out and for some reason couldn’t get him?

I know for sure they were trying. Idk past that.

Hopefully it works out.

Could be something like a scheduling conflict or he’s working on something else. Much like they recast the voice of the player’s Ghost in the Destiny Series due to the VA having another commitment.

Troy himself said that they hadn’t reached out to him, but that was before Borderlands 3 got announced. Perhaps he already has been cast, and he just kept quiet about it.

Sadly in this article citing troy it looks pretty bad…

Found where they got the info, a Q & A from troy himself published on reddit

Honestly I’m super disappointed… I was super hype about BL3, was waiting for it a lot… These kind of decisions scares me about the overall quality of the game…

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That… Doesn’t look good. Pretty depressing, honestly. It’s sad to see that some of the most iconic voice actors are leaving Borderlands.

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Sounds like his voice is going to be undergoing a change due to the story anyway.

Surprise! Jack stole Rhys’ body, and is back again! (Kidding)

I don’t know how iconic he is to the series, he was only in the Telltale game.

On the other hand, most of the voice actors from Borderlands 2 are returning.

So i don’t understand what you mean.