Please consider doing more for accessibility

There needs to be an option to increase font size. My wife and I are unable to get a full experience when playing splitscreen due to being unable to read anything.

Additionally, this isn’t so much an accessibility issue but vertical splitscreen would be appreciated - the top section of loot info (item name and damage) is typically cut off the top of the screen with horizontal splitscreen.

One more thing, other games like CoD and Battlefield have texture details and such turned down when playing multiplayer so the game runs more smoothly. This would be appreciated here, as in the current state if I open my backpack while my wife is in a fight the game slows to about 5-10fps. Not such a big deal at the moment, but will definitely get more annoying the more the more we play.

Thanks, this is my first time on the Gearbox forums so I hope this post is in the right place!

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Fonts and mini maps are way too small.

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